Riffstr - A marketplace that brings songwriter and musicians together

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A marketplace that brings songwriter and musicians together



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The music industry is so populated with lots of artist thriving to make it big in the industry while those at the top have always remained at the top. The thing is, it is not like the upcoming artist are not talented or are not good song writers but in most cases, they lack the medium to promote their music or talent. Some artist might have the money to promote themselves in the industry but can not write meaningful great songs but they could sing perfectly well. And at the end of the day, they both neither get the fame or the wealth they so crave for.


With Riffstr your talent would not go to waste. On this platform, you could sell your songs or buy song or Even render other musical related services to other riffstrs. Riffstr create the best marketplace for musicians to buy, sell and share ideas with each other.

Artist/musician gets to create their own store after signup to be a part of the community.




Hunter: @ronarexx


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