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Browse and search millions of web page design examples



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Inspire by Crayon is a platform that designed to help people to discover the best inspiration for people's next website redesign project.

This platform had a millions of homepages, product pages, and pricing pages from everyone’s favorite brands. This is a never-ending great library of inspiration. It will bring website redesign to life.

Very useful for designer and it is free, Let's try it!



Hunter: @ryacha21

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This sounds like the perfect place for me since I'm working on a website right now but, I'm kinda lacking inspiration sometimes. It's just an amazing resource since most people struggle with the inspiration often so this could easily fix that. I just bookmarked it, I'll check it out more in-depth sometime later today for sure.

Keep on hunting.

Wow this thing is really really great. There are a lot of options and one thing that is most amazing is its free. Many web similar to it not even close they are costing a lot. It is free and have a wide variety of options available.
Inspire I am coming.... to try you lols.
Thanks great hunt!

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Love the website design libraries that always gives the developer what to do next and how it needs to look for their website. I really need this because i have looking for the better design and hopefully i can get one that i like


Hi @ryacha21,
Thanks for always your sharing the great hunt in steemhunt. I already looking forward to your next hunt :)

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Good one, even someone with a non technical design background can put up a design work using inspiration from this tool. Great hunt

This tool is very useful because it will allow us to have some ideas of how we want to develop and design our website, we can also take some of the designs that are there and incorporate them into our projects.

I really like that the content library we can access is very extensive and easy to use.

Good job

Pros: you can filter the search results by traffic level, industry and page type (including blog).
Cons: none for this hunt.
Very useful, thanks for your hunt!


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Thanks again and look forward to seeing your next hunt!

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