Mocklets - A HTTP-based API simulator to assist parallel development

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A HTTP-based API simulator to assist parallel development



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This product is called Mocklets . It is a very useful tool for developers! User can start it for free.

It is a HTTP-based API simulator. It is very useful to help to simulate APIs for faster parallel development and more comprehensive testing.

It is easy to manage and security. Developer can work in a team as can share the same workspace.

It can increase productivity as can connect frond-end and back-end teams.

It enables users to stay productive when an API they depend on doesn't exist or isn't complete.

Mocklets supports testing of edge cases and failure modes that the real API won't reliably produce.



Hunter: @ryacha21

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Nice hunt and definitely a time saver to me. This tool is really easy to use and I used their "flashmock" program to mock something really quickly to see how it work. The following link is an example of what I mocked:

If you don't want to visit the link, you can see the result in the image below (the link will likely expire eventually too):


Nice hunt, keep up the good work.

Wow im html5 , programmer ,i m absolutely like web programing , and im use notepad++ but , im experience your hunt , the program very good. Im testing thank you for hunt !

Hi @ryacha21,

Thanks for yet another hunt. I’ve reviewed and approved it. The hunt is on.

A good hunt for software vendors dealing with API systems. An HTTP-based API simulator that helps simulate APIs for more extensive testing. It allows you to test failure modes and it saves you time. A product that increases productivity. Cool hunt

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