Sphericam 2 on the go 360° - The perfect 360º camera for Oculus Rift / Google Cardboard

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Sphericam 2 on the go 360°

The perfect 360º camera for Oculus Rift / Google Cardboard











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Sphericam Inc.
33 West 17th Street, New York
NY 10011, USA
Email: sales@sphericam.com

Now you can shoot your high resolution 360° videos for your VR or for your Blog or for your profession. Unbelievable high resolution 360° videos are possible on the go.. Because Sphericam comes with technology to meet the very needs where ever you perform.
Its handy,easy to operate VR ready with casual and professional output qualities.Making a 360° video was very tricky and hard before. People to work a lot to shoot with many cameras with huge effort.Post processing work was the biggest challenge.Stitching together the videos done by well trained people only.
Now its easy to shoot 360° as you go. You can shoot and view in real time,save in relevant formats whether you need huge file size with highest quality or smaller file size with lossless format. You choose. This is first ever 4K camera of its kind with 100% spherical capture.

6 image sensors-6 lenses-WiFi button-On/Off button-Micro USB port-8 Tripod Mounts-4 Microphones-6 Micro SD Card Slots

Travel,Sports,Journalism,Advertisements whatever you do..DO 360° on the go.




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