Ventilaid - Open-Source Ventilators to fight the Coronavirus pandemic

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Open-Source Ventilators to fight the Coronavirus pandemic



Hunter's comment

At this time, the increased number of patients is a challenge to provide proper medical attention. The shortage of medical equipment, the time taken, and the cost to produce them is the main suffering.

This opensource 3D printed ventilator can be produced instantly and locally. Simple and effective design. It can be produced in the necessary regions without depending on high-cost production methods.

The VentilAid project is one of the first and most visible initiatives in the world aimed at solidarity in fighting against a pandemic and its effects globally. Now and in the future.


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Such innovative products are much needed in recent rise of pendemic.

Amazing find and great hunt. Indeed it will help for instantly manufacturing of ventilator as a result it will save a lot of life.

I still remember how Arthur C. Clarke talked about this kind of a future in his 1962 book Profiles of the Future : An Inquiry into the Limits of the Possible.

PS: You might want to check out some information on ventilators at

Innovative products to fight with corona together. Hope things will get better with this.

Open source ventilator is new concept but don't know how the open source option will work on it

Ventilators are compulsory for the treatment of coronavirus. Ventilaid is an extremely needful invention and helpful in the current scenario. Thanks for sharing this amazing Hunt with us.

Hi dear hunter @sabari18 your hunt is really appreciable and useful for all people who have been suffering from a corona virus. It's easier way to serve and handling oxygen serialize.

i hope this will save our many patients suffering from covid and i agree with your words its getting difficult each and everyday due to large number of patients

I think they've now found that ventilators are not that helpful with covid-19 as unlike other coronaviruses this is affecting other parts of the body (liver, kidneys, gut) and is not merely a breathing problem.


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what ??? a 3d printed ventilator ... this would have come in really handy for countries which have no access to proper healthcare and ventilators are one of the many items needed the most

Wow, making ventilator at this time of pandemic is a great feat which can rake in money for one. Cost effective too. Nice hunt

Wow! What a great product you have searched. I have seen many types of products like this but this is so good as we can use this and able to fight with the covid-19 pandemic. Great Hunt!

Should be a great device which can be helpful to people to get safety from covid-19