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No class room without it



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Hello Hunters,

Teaching is one of the most wonderful professions as it conveys the awareness through learning. Other tasks related with teaching makes it very tough profession for the teacher as they have to manage the various things other than teaching just like a manager.

TeacherKit is an ideal app that performs all the tasks for the teachers in a more decent way.

TeacherKit helps you organize classes and students easily. Record attendance and log behavior all with few taps. Source


Visit the official website to learn more about TeacherKit.




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Great hunt @salmanbukhari54! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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So kind of you for this act @urbangladiator :)

Superb app for teacher which make the work of teachers more easy . Teaching job is very good job this app is very useful for them impressive hunt keep hunting 😍


Much obliged for the appreciation @shayan143 :)

I'm a music teacher. I use this app for attendance. I could create different groups and add my students, allot timings and add whether they're present or not. Tremendous!

A perfect app for teachers to track classes and to keep record of your students. Also this app helps you to maintain attendance of the students as well. Easy to use but very useful app.


This is what we call the smart way to manage the classes with teacher's view point. Thanks lot for the comment @shanip :)

As a teacher I'm usually doing this manually, writing this info on a paper or in Excel. But this app looks very inventive and easy to use. I think this would save time for a lot of teachers, and help them focus in teaching, which is really necessary for each teacher. A lot of administration work is defocusing us. Thanks for this finding! I'll check it out:)

This is one i really need, i just started teaching this day and i tell you that it really is tiring and it is also my first time teaching kids. It is fun but a tiring one.

the teaching job is the best in the world, the teacher does everything for his pupils.. They spent more hours of their day with the teacher than their parent.. He is their doctor, their friend, brother and also mentor... Thanks for the honor... And yes the teacher's kit also make his work easier...


I am totally agreed that teacher is a complete partner of the students. Thanks for the wonderful wording @burlarj :)

  ·  2년 전

I work in public education and I have a lot of friends that are teachers. This could really be a game changing tool for them. Unfortunately there are also a lot of teachers that are not that accepting of technology and they choose to continue teaching the old fashioned way. It is too bad that they are missing out on awesome tools like this. Thanks for sharing. Nice hunt!


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