Roger Puppet - Stylish and Highly Customizable Cartoon Puppet

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Roger Puppet for Adobe Character Animator


Hunter's comment

Rojer is a puppet for the Adobe Character Animator app.

Just import Roger into your scene and he will follow your head movements, mimic your facial expressions, lip-sync your voice (or any external audio). Roger can walk and perform different gestures. He comes with 5 premade facial expressions, 21 hand gestures, 4 haircuts, 5 beard styles, 3 outfits and a set of glasses. All of those you can easily turn on and off using the control panel.

Roger also comes with more than 30 animated replays (wave hi, point left, right and more) that can speed up your recordings.


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I bet most of the kids will love this and not only them but adults too. It's entertaining and relaxing to play with this app I'm sure about that. I love it that it's about hand gestures as well, not just dressing up a character. Nice hunt.

Let us know if you like this puppet!