bbqitall - Now cook whatever, whenever and wherever you want

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Now cook whatever, whenever and wherever you want


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Hunter's comment

Now cook whatever, whenever and wherever you want.

There are 03 steps to get your favourit food:

  • Get a cattle and BBQitall
  • Light it up
  • Add your favorite food
  • And that's all

Some very useful features:

  • Controlled Temperature
  • Cook up to 12 hours with one set of tarchol
  • Cook both ways direct / indirect
  • 100% stainless steel material to maintain the taste of food
  • And much more

Video For Better Understanding:


$30-$75(According to size)



Hunter: @shaanivc

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I reviewed your hunt and found that this sentence has been copied from the website, so kindly change it and write in own words. The sentence is:

"A charcoal ring that turns Your Weber charcoal grill into an efficient oven and slow roaster."

According to SteemHunt posting guideline # 4, plagiarism is not allowed.

" Write a short description and hunter’s comment with your own words. Do not copy and paste from the product’s website or other sites. You can however quote some content from a site, but you must use quotation marks and cite the source properly. "

Please reply to this comment after you edit it.

Thank you.


Thanks for your guidelines. I have done with editing. Please recheck and let me know if its still not good. Thanks!

good hunt.. simple yet awesome hunt.. This could help address the scarcity of petroleum as fuel to cook food.. As it says, controlled temperature... It is great to vary your style of cooking.. I will recommend this one..

I think I’ll have to get this one for my Mum, she likes cooking a lot and this will be a game changer for her

good hunting, I love to cook outdoors and share with my family, we were a little bored of just doing barbecue, with bbqitall we will have several options to accompany our grills, make a cake or cook what provokes us without having to do it in the kitchen, has temperature controlled,Kitchen up to 12 hours, Kitchen in both directions direct / indirect, is stainless steel to keep the taste of our meals, what more can you ask for, excellent hunting.

I want one!

But I'm torn. On the one hand, you'd be able to cook many more things on the BBQ, which is a great thing.

On the other, these dishes would take-up valuable BBQ space, which would otherwise be used to cook meat, fish or [for example] corn on the cob. These are all things which really taste fantastic cooked on a good BBQ.

So, whilst I would enjoy dishes cooked in these trays/pots, would I enjoy the "BBQ cooked" taste of something else, even more?

That's my dilemma...but I don't need to worry at the moment - just coming into UK winter, so zero BBQ for me!

bbqitall is an amazing gadget which helps you to cook any food where ever you like. It is portable and easy to use. Great hunt

Cool hunt

It is much needed for me because I often under or over cook foods. So I need to grab it .

It is a product with good quality materials. An ideal way to make your favoritemeal as bbq. You can demonstrate your tricks to your friends with this product and cook for up to 12 hours. Great product. thanks for it

Cooking outside the home will be a pleasure, whenever you want and to share with the family on a field day. It's easy and practical, I just need to have my ingredients ready and eat.

I think bbqitall is amazing with its features. Cooking whatever whenever wherever,sounds great. Thanks for sharing.

WOw this thing is so amazing!!
You can cook different foods with great ease. The new innovative technologies are so great. BBQitall looks so beautiful and fact about it is, Its pretty cheap.
Amazing hunt!

allows you to use charcoal to cook anything
enables long cooking time so you can use it like a slowcooker
price is very reasonable
stainless steel for long lasting

no cons that I can see

Where you want to cook. Because of the advanced technology bbqitall, where you have three steps to get better food. It is very convenient. Good Hunter.

Excellent for trips, since it is small, you can count on a practical oven for your trips to the beaches or camps.

Wow.. This s will be very useful in cool parties and gat together .. It will make the preparation more fun and easy ..

This is an excellent overhaul of an existing grill.
Simply and efficiently in a few steps you have an oven-baked (small) on charcoal.
So, you cook first the bread in the oven and then the meat on the grill.
It looks very fun and useful.

Wow! it is really unbelievable! I am surprised after seeing that it is very easy to cook anything and anywhere that is great product. Thanks @shaanivc for great hunt.

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