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Hunter's comment

Project goal
The goal of this project is to bring a high quality and fully customisable bot to anyone who is willing to put in the time to set up a simple server and make their own customisations.

Generous souls I have found Most of the time here on steemit :, @surpassinggoogle, @hr1, @arama,, @neoxian, @beanz, @bue, @teamsteem, @good-karma, @esteemapp, @arcange @bayanihan, @acidyo, @dick.sledge, @anomadsoul, @steemitph, @henry-grant and @paradise-found, @btu, @tanmoykumer , @Hafiz34 also many others who have visited My posts. Please support them too. Thank you very much



Hunter: @spyder896

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Thanks 😀😀😀

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