Introducing DRG OTC - OTC Token Trading Site

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We’re excited to introduce our new website - DRG OTC, an OTC Token Trading Site. In this website, you can see/share any OTC trading requests that are generated from Bitberry wallet app without any sign-up process.

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HUNT token was listed on Bitberry wallet a month ago (read the announcement here, and this week Bitberry launched a new feature - Escrow service (beta).
(image from Bitberry Medium

If you are a Bitberry user, you can create a person-to-person trading request on the wallet app. Bitberry provides an escrow service between you and the participant without any fees.

We have noticed that there are a few hunters who want to share the HUNT token trading link with other users, and we think it will add value to them if we can provide a website where users can easily explore these trading requests and participate without any sign-up process.


In this website, you can share any Bitberry escrow trade link, and also join the trading with just one-click.


1. You can share the Bitberry trade link in the input field.

2. DRG lists the trades by automatically reading the necessary information such as expiratory time, price information, and the token information details.
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Next and Others

We may support more otc trading pairs if the app supports API or open link. Also, we may try to collaborate with Bitberry to provide a better onboarding experience with the Bitberry app, one of the most secure and easy to use wallet apps for iPhone and Android phones.

(You may need to a KYC requirement to use the Bitberry escrow service)

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I think you've just solved the daybit otp issue being faced by some users! Awesome step. Bringing otc trading to the masses, well crypto masses :)

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smart moves. i'm liking these partnership mashups! great work.

Can we trade HUNT token on that trading site?

This is nice initiative as I am unable to acess daybit due to OTP issue and now I can use it easily. Great partnership

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You shared the information I was waiting for. Welldone!