Steemhunt Initiates Account Based Voting Ranking System

11개월 전

Hello hunters!

Today, we finally announce the new ranking system on Steemhunt - ABV (Account Based Voting) Ranking System.


Steemhunt is built on top of Steemit which uses a stake-weighted voting system. The philosophy behind this system is that the highest SP holders will behave in the best way to support the value of the platform. It was intended to enhance the linkage between the quality of content and its reward. As Steemit also experiences the same issue, the stake-weighted voting system is failing because top hunting posts are occupied by upvoting from bid bots, subscription bots, curation tails and self-voting, which is irrelevant to the hunting quality.

To create the ranking board where the most valued hunting posts can have higher rankings, we decided to change our ranking system to the account-based voting system.

Introducing ABV (Account Based Voting) System

The basic idea of ABV is “One vote is one vote regardless of how much Steem Power the voter has.” This means that the hunting posts with the most upvotes will have a higher ranking. This new system has five important pillars.

image (6).png

1. All hunters have 1 score per upvote.

Regardless of the voting value, every hunter has 1 score to upvote based on their set voting power. For example, if you upvote a hunt with 100% voting power, it will be counted as ‘1 score.’ If you set 50% voting power to upvote, the score will be 0.5. So, the hunt scores are not relevant to the amount of the upvoter’s SP.

2. Self voting is not counted.

In our scoring system, the upvoting score from the owner of the hunting post won’t be counted. You can still increase your payout value of the post, but it is not possible to increase the hunt score by self-voting.

3. Only upvotes via Steemhunt website are counted.

We’ve noticed that hunters with many followers or curation tails have more upvoting counts even though most of the upvoters are not hunters. We don’t think this is fair, so we have made changes to our system. The hunt score will be calculated by the number of upvotes made only via the Steemhunt website. In other words, your hunt score will be added only when the real hunter has upvoted you post.

4. Steem reputation score will be weighted to prevent fake voters.

One big issue with the ABV system is that it is far easier to create multiple alternative accounts and try to upvote on their posts, which will obviously affect the ranking. To prevent this abusive behavior, we decided to utilise the Steem reputation score with voting weight based on the score level. The weight will be multiplied to the hunter’s voting score as below:

  • ~ 34 => voting weight x0
  • 35 ~ 44 => x0.5
  • 45 ~ 54 => x1
  • 55 ~ 59 => x2
  • 60 ~ => x3

This is designed to minimise the voting impact from new alternative accounts. Hunters with a reputation of less than 45 will have a 1/6 reduction in voting impact than hunters with a reputation of at least 60.

5. Blacklist

Steemhunt will run a blacklist to prevent abusive users from disrupting our ranking system. Abusive actions are highly prohibited in Steemhunt, and any users who attempt any of the following abuses will be blacklisted:

  • Asking/accepting vote for vote offer
  • Buying/selling hunter’s upvotes
  • Creating/joining a guild for vote for vote activities
  • Running a contest or giveaway to get more upvotes on Steemhunt
  • Running alternative accounts that are used only for his/her own hunting posts
  • Any other actions that the Steemhunt team deems to be abusive

If the user is blacklisted because of the actions listed above, the hunter’s voting weight will be x0 for 30 days. This means that the user’s upvoting won’t affect the ranking for 30 days.

Alert System

To keep our ranking system clean and fair for all hunters, Steemhunt will run two main alert systems.

1. Bounty Rewards for Reporting Vote4Vote Attempts

If you find some users trying/running/accepting Vote4Vote actions, please report them via our Discord channel with a screenshot of the evidence. Then you will receive 1,000 HUNT tokens per blacklisted account. For example, if you report a Steemhunt Vote4Vote chat group where there are 10 hunters with screenshot evidence, and they are all blacklisted, you will receive 10,000 HUNT tokens as a reward (1,000 x 10). You can report them via the following ways:

  1. Join our Discord channel -
  2. DM to @project7 or @tabris with 1) the case description, 2) the screenshot evidence, and 3) your Steemit account name to be rewarded
  3. After the investigation, we will send the HUNT token reward to your account

2. Detection Algorithms (coming soon)

Steemhunt will also run an automated algorithm to detect the abusers who use multiple alternative accounts to upvote only for his/her own hunting posts. Our detection algorithm will continuously notify us of the possible abusive users via the following methods:

  1. Using IP address and Cookies to detect one user who owns multiple alternative accounts - Steemhunt constantly utilises the combination of IP classification and Cookies to analyse whether the upvoting actions of one hunting post are made by the same user with different accounts.
  2. Cross-Diversity Index (CDI) - We will create an algorithm to detect Vote4Vote actions by using cross-upvoting diversity index. This will be a quantitative measure that calculates the diverse upvoting history of hunters by cross-checking all accounts. If some user groups have a CDI lower than our standard, Steemhunt will automatically flag the user and potentially blacklist.

Voting Criteria

Steemhunt is a COMMUNITY-DRIVEN COOL NEW RANKING BOARD. This means that our community members decided that the product is cool enough to be ranked high by their upvoting actions. This is one of the most important differentiated values from Product Hunt, which features only a small number of hunting posts by the team’s subjective criteria.

To maintain the quality of the ranking board on Steemhunt, it is highly important for all hunters to know what products deserve to be ranked higher than other products. In Steemhunt, we hope hunters upvote more “Cool” and “New” products considering the criteria below:

  1. Is the product “Cool” enough? - When a hunter decides to introduce the product to our community, it must not be a generic product. It should have some killer features that make people say “wow.” So, you should upvote a hunt only when the product wows you.
  2. Is the product “New” enough? - Whether the product feels new to community is very important. However, the “new feeling” can be different to everyone based on whether the person already knows about the product or not. So, please do not upvote products that you think are already well-known to the public.

From now on, you are completely free to use bid bots

Since our ranking system is irrelevant to the upvoting value, all hunters are COMPLETELY FREE to use bid bots, subscription bots, curation tails, self-voting, etc. The default ranking chart will be based on the hunt score from the ABV score system, so bid bots will not affect this. In fact using bid bots will benefit the Steemhunt community because it increases the overall hunter reward. So, we welcome you to use these!



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It's too complicated for an average user and people will always find a way to game the system.



And I would say remove self vote is not really fair for people that wants to give a boost to something. It removes the motivation for a person to have influence. This system now removes the investors and tries to argue that regular users will flood to Steemhunt to upvote stuff. For me this looks like the focus now is on finding the evil people that game some Tokens. Now it's more profitable and trying to find the evil capitalist.


You mean more like a witchhunt, hehe?


Yes!! Haha


Selfvote isn’t removed. It just isn’t counted in for the Steemhunt ranking.

By all means, give yourself as many (early) boosts as you want. Selfvote, bidbot, circle jerk trail... but don’t expect that every platform will always take them in consideration.

Is it a withchunt? If that’s how you feel about it. To us tho it feels fair community building in which everyone has a same chance.

On Steemhunt. There where you don’t reward yourself for having written a post.


But you don't get it do you? What I said in this video was that people will find other ways to do the same thing. Everyone already has "The same chance".

Yes it's a witch hunt when people that stalk and try to find some cheater get the most amount of Tokens. It clearly shows that the focus isn't on growth but on spending time on chasing down people making a dollar here and there. It implies a person think humans are evil and scammy.


Things are a constant development. We may get more than you think.

Developing a fair system in which everyone has similar chances and which promotes fairness doth not equate to witch hunt. Only when people want to see a witch hunt in that, but that’s a choice.

The concept behind finding those who game the rankings is fairness, not witch hunt. It’s about minimizing gamification which could impact on rewards. If you think that is a witch hunt, that’s your choice. And it’s Steemhunt’s choice if Steemhunt decides that it wants to try to minimize gamification in order to give everyone an as fair as possible chance.

Steemhunt does further allow everything though, just not for its own rankings. IMHO that seems very fair. You can still maximize on Steem(it). But the Steemhunt platform applies different scoring because every day a reverse exponential reward is applied for those who end up in the rankings. And tbh, I don’t see why that needs be called a witch hunt. Only those who actually look at gaming and milking will see it as such, but that is thus also influenced by their own focus. Which not everyone needs agreeing with.

Lastly, a fair system will allow much more growth than a system which is locked out by the few. But that may be too big a picture.

But worry not... I do get it. I just don’t agree with it, simple as that.


Thanks for a great comment.

The biggest major key is that self-vote on your own quality hunts should be counted. If I leave a 300 word original hunt post and have a reputation 60+ and I can't even give it a 3.0 boost in this new system then that is ridiculous. That punish hard working Steemians that has spent months build up a reputation by posting quality content. Why would a Steemit influencer with high rep then care to advertise Steemhunt if the influencer is being ranked same as a brand new user? You want to leverage your time and energy you spent in something. Capital needs to flow to make people stay and be loyal and have time to invest in something.

If you can't do that then the system doesn't reward Steemians that has worked hard to build up an account but wants to force them to restart brand new on a platform. Clearly quality hunts are more value than someone that passively delegates to Steemhunt. Or someone that tries to find a group that earn some real money on Steemhunt. Let's be real majority of humans aren't scammers and trying to cheat the system. It's always a small minority that do something crazy. So the majority shouldn't be punished as this system does. You should be able to put your reputation and stake it in a self vote. This is win-win. Since the one creating hunts is an active engaged user and that should be rewarded more. Especially someone that has built up their Steemit account.

Even the idea of milking implies that a person thinks people start off from an evil agenda. It's baseline is people can't be trusted, people are scammy, we need to find the scammy ones and focus all our energy on them. This will only make that group grow bigger. Focus should be on people do amazing work and build up role models. Someone with a self vote that is built on trust on all sides. That people can be trusted. And that some has built up a high reputation and wouldn't wanna ruin that.


I am personally not convinced that there is an obligation for any system to say that “I did a great job, now I’m going to reward myself for that” and that every system should agree with that.

In real life, in more situations than not, that is usually not possible.

It is also important to consider that most developments happen from an angle of SMT, as such Steemhunt is developing a platform which uses the Steem reward system as the basis, but does not depend on how Steem BC itself calculates the rewards. With SMTs every platform will have the opportunity to develop its own algo.

Steemhunt is the first platform to release such a system, already before SMTs.

As such you have to think of Steemhunt as a platform living in an own silo on the Steem blockchain. In a near future, Steemhunt will even have its own reputation system, a reputation system which will take in account only what was done through the Steemhunt website.

Now I do understand where you come from, but the idea behind all we release is already own platform on top of the Steem BC. Once HF20, with flawless signups, many people will live only in their SMT and never see Steemit. As such they will in this case be first hunters, and only then Steemians.

Addendum: also keep in mind that is has become relatively easy for people to actually buy reputation on Steem. But remember that your own selfvote still pays out via Steem rewards. But it’s does not count for the daily Steemhunt rankings.


Again thanks for a good comment.

But this photo shows how flawed this is. A person with 3 Steem Power influenced my contribution he bumped up the score 50%! But me with 5500 Steem Power has no power? Okay what is in my mind then? How can I game the system. Since this is not fair. Why can a random probably troll account bump up my score 50%? This creates more scammy shady stuff for sure.

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 05.32.15.png

Screen Shot 2018-06-14 at 05.32.25.png

Someone that holds 0.0 VESTS has more power than my millions of VESTS. Fair? Sure. And oh yes I have people that have me on autovote since they know I produce quality content. Is that being rewarded in new Steemhunt? Nope! All my original real people on Steemit that autovote me works 100 times harder but they do not get into the Steemhunt ranks. Only new troll accounts with low rep and close to 0 investment in Steem.

Ohh hell yea!!!!!

This is incredible guys! A blockchain first!

That alert system is gonna bring out the evilness of some people hahahaha


Yes it's a witch hunt reward strategy. Now it's most profitable to not create cool product hunts but find the evil people that wants to earn a dollar.

cool, will check it out. s. error

This reminds me that I need to try Steemhunt.

I am really well pleased with this new updates!! Great thanks and happy hunting everyone! :-)

Good job.. The new rule is fair enough

YEY!!!, congrats @steemhunt for releasing new ABV System. This is what we are waiting for. More fair rules, better community.

What i am waiting for already realized :

Only upvotes via Steemhunt website are counted.
We’ve noticed that hunters with many followers or curation tails have more upvoting counts even though most of the upvoters are not hunters. We don’t think this is fair, so we have made changes to our system. The hunt score will be calculated by the number of upvotes made only via the Steemhunt website. In other words, your hunt score will be added only when the real hunter has upvoted you post.

Thanks A lot @steemhunt This community is "WONDERFUL", LOVE it so much!....

Does the autovote on steemit count or not?


If the upvoters are Steemhunt hunters, then yes. If not, they are not counted on the hunt score.


Thanks for the explanation!


So the autovote is still in use, if the user used steemhunt once? Is it possible to shut that off too?

That is pure AWESOMENESS!!!

A great action to give fairness to all hunters.

amazing !!! let the HUNT begin !!!!! =)

Interesting ... I can see how it can lead to better sorting minus the fact that vote must be casted on the Steemhunt website , that is adding too much friction to the voting.

BTW...if we are moving in this direction , why would anyone still hold SP ?


Good question.

  1. Holding SP is still the most effective way to get HUNT token bounty airdrops (delegation sponsor and voting contributions).
  2. Once SMT launches and we build the HUNT token economy with ReviewHunt, companies would like to hold "Hunt Power" to attract more reviewers on their products
  3. It's an arguable statements, but I believe holding tokens doesn't really help increasing the value of the token. On ABV (Account Based Voting) system, it's true that users has less motivation to stake their tokens (power up), but that doesn't mean there'll be more selling on the market (ppl sell tokens when they don't see the future). Also trading volume can be higher and exchanges prefer tokens with more trading volumes.

@tabris tks for reply , further to your points.

  1. What incentive do the HUNT token issuers have to airdrop tokens to SP holders?
    Why wouldn't they just issue to all STEEM holders irrespective of SP proportion ?

  2. Yes , that's correct , it will also depend on the conversion rate of STEEM Power to Hunt Power.

  3. It is arguable , other currencies don't have a stake system so it isn't necessary that loosing SP as a concept will automatically mean sell-off but it will certainly make it more likely for a sell off to happen.

There was also an argument put forth by someone that any app running on STEEM blockchain may require SP ( owned or leased) to have adequate bandwidth to execute operations.

a very good disruption system, only affection that has low reputation

I am not sure how I feel about this yet until I see it in action, I was also wondering, how do you determine the % to upvote posts that have been approved? I noticed I seem to be stuck at $1. Any material that clarifies this?

This is innovation.
Start Steamhunt again~!

This is amzing! Sounds better than I thought it would be!

Good job guys :)

Thats the first step to success :) Keep up the good work :)

This is a good idea and it looks pretty fair. I have been busting my hump to get my reputation score up and creating good content in the process.

I had tried finding some new products and made some submissions, some of which were accepted for nomination, but found myself falling short on finding something every day. I figure I will just make steemhunt part of my organic existence on steemit and if I find something "cool" by accident, I may write about it. If I am searching for something cool and happen to find something steemhuntworthy, then I will write about it. There is no sense in just scraping the internet looking for things that someone else has either found or simply aren't that mind-blowing.


That's what I was thinking. While browsing the internet I have found a lot of steemhuntworthy products and apps, but I completely ignored them. I would keep hunting the whole day every day to get more upvotes that I'm receiving now, but I would have to stop doing what I'm doing right now which is learning and teaching. I prefer to be acquiring knowledge, and if by accident I find something then I will share it and hopefully receive good upvotes back :)


absoluely, nailed it! :)

Hello. I'm a new member, how do I receive upvotes from hunters if I don't know any of them? I suppose if they are friends, they will upvote each other to gain more score and so on. Is this how the system works?

Please, someone correct me if I'm wrong.

Heyy !! This is a very nice development.

Pros: will enhance quality
Con: non

Love u great hunters

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@steemhunt Wow this update news is wonderful, The new ABV vote ranking system is a very well and good.

Great, Wonderful, Wow. I appriciate it. This will enhance the transparency of steemhunt several times over.

I am amazed by the solutions the team have provided , this is gonna be interesting and fair.

finally we get a fair system to work with.

ahaaan... its coool

Nice initiative

Self voting not counted 🙌🏽

These measures are great, we need more justice and equality in this
amazing but imperfect platform


You mean if someone works harder and smarter they should not have more influence? That is communism. Equality does not exist in nature. Everything is inequal and that's how it always has been. Go in a forest try to find 2 equal leaves. You will never find it.


No, I'm not talking about comunism, comunism is terrible. I'm talking about the problems they listed in the post and the measures they are implementing to solve them and the majority of people in the comments are happy about that because trending shitposts don't represent harder or smarter work. Maybe I used the wrong words in my first comment.


Majority are not the main investors. The core investors are what keeps things running. Money runs things.


Yes, you have a valid point there


I think these rules allow people that work hard and have quality content to have the same oportunities. That's all I saying my friend. Greetings.


But the problem is that the core investors will find other ways to game the system when they dont allow self vote.


Glad to be here so early to the party :)

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Wow! Great Job SteemHunt!

You've really given this some deep thought, and although it's a little complicated to follow, users don't need to know the fine detail if the voting system works.

I especially like you taking away the votes that weren't added via SteemHunt, as the results will be a true representation of the SH community and not what other circle jerks people were in.

The Hunt is Back on!

appreciate the effort (despite it means losing SP advantage for me in this game.. ^_<) and this is certainly a very difficult job to certify true appreciation for the product.

however, regarding point 1, pls clarify what you mean by "voting power"? I think a more reasonable measure would be the realized voting power (i.e. the real percentage of your full power) but not the intended percentage - for instance, if my VP is now at 70% of its full capacity and I choose to vote with 50% (of current level), that means I actually vote with 70*50%=35%. So, I will suggest using 35% instead of 50% as the weigh. If not, then people can vote a lot and still maintain its impact at 100%.

if this system works then maybe steemit can implement it

I posted two gadgets and they're not showing up on steemhunt anymore :(

Good job,I will recommend @steemhunt to more Chinese friends
| 很赞,我将把@steemhunt推荐给更多的中国朋友

you guys are really cool and thinking hard to keep it genuine. and our moderator team will also doing a great job. we try to improve and keep genuineness at most.thank you.

How you earn this are great man...