Steemhunt Sponsor Report - #18

3년 전

Hello Steemians!

This is a weekly report for the Steemhunt sponsors. For the sponsors who missed some of our important changes/updates, this is a brief summary of the past week.

1. The 1:1 airdrop for SP holders will End in 3 Weeks

The 1:1 airdrop for SP holders was initiated two weeks ago. Any Steemit users who have Steem Power are eligible to get HUNT tokens on a 1:1 ratio by claiming via theSteemhunt website. So far 4,692 Steemians have claimed a total of 10,804,525.20 HUNT tokens (10% of 100M tokens). This airdrop will finish on September 13th, 2018.
For more details, please read our announcement -

2. Reviewhunt Project Begins

Reviewhunt is a marketing channel where makers suggest large discounts or bounties in return for quality reviews from hunters. It will be built on top of the Steemhunt community so that makers/companies are able to target quality early-adopters, rather than just bounty penny pickers. The Steemhunt team has started to build an alpha version of Reviewhunt, which will focus on app review bounties. The launching target is the end of October, 2018. We also plan to expand the scope to other tech sections later.

Weekly Sponsor Rewards

Here are the week’s STEEM rewards and HUNT tokens reserved for sponsors (the STEEM rewards have already been sent to sponsors from 90,000 HUNT tokens per day are reserved for the sponsors, which amounts to 630,000 tokens per week.

(For more details of HUNT token airdrop, please check out the manual -


Total: 3,464,041,073.47 VESTS (1,711,613 SP) / 2,033,154,493.32 VESTS OPTED OUT

User NameDelegatedSTEEM RewardsHUNT Tokens ReservedHUNT Tokens Total
@misterdelegation2,033,154,493 VESTS (1,004,599 SP)000
@freedom300,000,000 VESTS (148,233 SP)17.494132,0862,280,601
@jaewoocho200,000,000 VESTS (98,822 SP)11.66388,05788,057
@cryptomancer182,374,976 VESTS (90,113 SP)10.63580,297682,975
@goodnewworld150,725,777 VESTS (74,475 SP)8.78966,363864,233
@tombstone50,855,446 VESTS (25,128 SP)2.96622,391419,060
@arama43,521,220 VESTS (21,504 SP)2.53819,162358,624
@i-d30,510,816 VESTS (15,076 SP)1.77913,433251,416
@cool19121,806,522 VESTS (10,775 SP)1.2729,601176,189
@bramd20,378,685 VESTS (10,069 SP)1.1888,972973,411
@thomasmore20,342,062 VESTS (10,051 SP)1.1868,956178,350
@myb20,339,967 VESTS (10,050 SP)1.1868,955177,757
@ssm181020,338,614 VESTS (10,049 SP)1.1868,955218,414
@kwonjs7720,326,411 VESTS (10,043 SP)1.1858,949163,227
@changyoon20,243,030 VESTS (10,002 SP)1.188,91344,429
@topping15,182,302 VESTS (7,502 SP)0.8856,68595,921
@steemtopark14,294,778 VESTS (7,063 SP)0.8346,294115,080
@tradingideas14,239,245 VESTS (7,036 SP)0.836,269162,092
@jobviet14,216,879 VESTS (7,025 SP)0.8296,25999,902
@orientaledu12,181,834 VESTS (6,019 SP)0.715,36365,669
@roelandp10,171,230 VESTS (5,026 SP)0.5934,478304,649
@heeyaa3510,165,219 VESTS (5,023 SP)0.5934,47674,032
@fur2002ks10,161,263 VESTS (5,021 SP)0.5934,474152,388
@lighthil10,156,875 VESTS (5,019 SP)0.5924,472207,621
@lucky28,129,058 VESTS (4,017 SP)0.4743,579135,593
@jxwonah6,130,101 VESTS (3,029 SP)0.3572,69950,513
@nexgen6,098,650 VESTS (3,013 SP)0.3562,68546,363
@forealife6,098,558 VESTS (3,013 SP)0.3562,68584,271
@supergiant6,087,754 VESTS (3,008 SP)0.3552,680224,536
@warjar6,083,197 VESTS (3,006 SP)0.3552,67855,260
@autorent5,136,125 VESTS (2,538 SP)0.32,26139,639
@machellin5,060,557 VESTS (2,500 SP)0.2952,2285,384
@legend365,022,941 VESTS (2,482 SP)0.2932,21225,142
@kevinwong4,068,217 VESTS (2,010 SP)0.2371,79177,530
@drtobi184,067,149 VESTS (2,010 SP)0.2371,79129,621
@michelios4,063,032 VESTS (2,008 SP)0.2371,78934,042
@ys13023,661,505 VESTS (1,809 SP)0.2141,61230,794
@beerbloke3,457,989 VESTS (1,709 SP)0.2021,52328,495
@ukk3,081,675 VESTS (1,523 SP)0.181,35723,822
@zzings3,081,675 VESTS (1,523 SP)0.181,357130,668
@jewel-lover3,051,402 VESTS (1,508 SP)0.1781,34356,601
@dandesign862,634,097 VESTS (1,302 SP)0.1541,16016,482
@howtostartablog2,500,000 VESTS (1,235 SP)0.1461,10116,573
@bitrocker20202,440,174 VESTS (1,206 SP)0.1421,07463,987
@dmoons.kim2,439,368 VESTS (1,205 SP)0.1421,07467,479
@funworlding2,235,912 VESTS (1,105 SP)0.1398417,644
@ulockblock2,178,522 VESTS (1,076 SP)0.12795911,334
@kingbit2,054,450 VESTS (1,015 SP)0.1290519,852
@chunseungho2,034,267 VESTS (1,005 SP)0.11989633,640
@exyle.steemhunt2,034,258 VESTS (1,005 SP)0.11989617,827
@holbein812,034,236 VESTS (1,005 SP)0.11989638,615
@mastertri2,034,183 VESTS (1,005 SP)0.11989680,679
@vega3212,034,122 VESTS (1,005 SP)0.11989616,762
@absolutefive2,033,542 VESTS (1,005 SP)0.11989515,394
@zet2,033,378 VESTS (1,005 SP)0.11989517,432
@jingdol2,033,069 VESTS (1,005 SP)0.11989519,977
@storysharing2,033,068 VESTS (1,005 SP)0.11989519,254
@aromi2,032,572 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.11989513,454
@kview2,032,327 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.11989513,530
@glory72,032,212 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.11989520,682
@thegreatgatsby2,031,709 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.11889520,238
@str7motor2,031,146 VESTS (1,004 SP)0.11889413,377
@underground2,030,473 VESTS (1,003 SP)0.11889420,053
@happyberrysboy2,030,379 VESTS (1,003 SP)0.11889450,244
@helix2,029,278 VESTS (1,003 SP)0.11889317,111
@studygroup2,028,554 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.11889311,726
@jayplayco2,028,119 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.118893109,614
@futile2,027,721 VESTS (1,002 SP)0.11889312,605
@happylazar2,026,503 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.1188926,516
@tk03192,025,273 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.11889212,604
@olorin2,025,076 VESTS (1,001 SP)0.11889241,291
@drorion2,000,000 VESTS (988 SP)0.1178818,520
@feelsogood1,821,487 VESTS (900 SP)0.10680210,472
@saimegh1,811,768 VESTS (895 SP)0.1067983,314
@andyx1,612,977 VESTS (797 SP)0.09471014,141
@khimgoh1,422,023 VESTS (703 SP)0.08362620,114
@sunwatcher1,227,722 VESTS (607 SP)0.07254110,381
@jasonshick1,218,809 VESTS (602 SP)0.07153760,877
@woojumbs1,218,461 VESTS (602 SP)0.0715369,052
@lcc31081,214,525 VESTS (600 SP)0.0715359,436
@freegon1,129,948 VESTS (558 SP)0.06649815,172
@lotusofmymom1,016,757 VESTS (502 SP)0.05944810,752
@yangpankil271,016,564 VESTS (502 SP)0.05944814,193
@greenlatte1,016,530 VESTS (502 SP)0.0594489,560
@heonbros1,016,515 VESTS (502 SP)0.05944818,411
@teoit1,016,478 VESTS (502 SP)0.0594487,792
@pandafam1,016,436 VESTS (502 SP)0.0594487,422
@ilovemylife1,016,406 VESTS (502 SP)0.059448156,253
@eastmael1,016,381 VESTS (502 SP)0.0594479,087
@remnant391,016,375 VESTS (502 SP)0.05944710,343
@dragonticketer1,016,295 VESTS (502 SP)0.05944710,849
@kibumh1,016,269 VESTS (502 SP)0.0594478,031
@levoyant1,016,125 VESTS (502 SP)0.05944721,558
@kgbinternational1,016,097 VESTS (502 SP)0.0594477,071
@bigbig1,015,891 VESTS (502 SP)0.0594476,151
@jeffjagoe1,015,464 VESTS (502 SP)0.05944710,981
@yunoyang1,014,900 VESTS (501 SP)0.0594474,641
@seoinseock1,014,651 VESTS (501 SP)0.05944711,636
@alexandraioana261,014,263 VESTS (501 SP)0.0594477,667
@itshim1,012,460 VESTS (500 SP)0.0594461,689
@toocurious1,012,338 VESTS (500 SP)0.0594465,679
@relaxkim1,012,159 VESTS (500 SP)0.05944614,018
@armdown813,662 VESTS (402 SP)0.04735828,903
@elevator09810,335 VESTS (400 SP)0.0473575,334
@d-zero770,447 VESTS (381 SP)0.0453392,322
@mightynick719,444 VESTS (355 SP)0.0423175,646
@yoon614,281 VESTS (304 SP)0.0362705,062
@kungdel610,240 VESTS (302 SP)0.0362697,142
@dreamien610,234 VESTS (302 SP)0.0362695,028
@japanguide610,098 VESTS (301 SP)0.03626912,791
@boostyou609,916 VESTS (301 SP)0.0362698,691
@zorba609,761 VESTS (301 SP)0.0362684,134
@forykw609,089 VESTS (301 SP)0.0362689,637
@ogochukwu608,059 VESTS (300 SP)0.03526822,689
@mcfarhat508,534 VESTS (251 SP)0.0322410,157
@felander508,512 VESTS (251 SP)0.032246,421
@sambillingham508,443 VESTS (251 SP)0.0322410,360
@mulletwang506,303 VESTS (250 SP)0.032231,629
@preparedwombat406,847 VESTS (201 SP)0.0241799,165
@ziscad406,833 VESTS (201 SP)0.0241793,362
@doctordhaka406,830 VESTS (201 SP)0.0241793,487
@jaytop406,829 VESTS (201 SP)0.0241794,773
@tata1406,824 VESTS (201 SP)0.0241793,352
@romankibo406,823 VESTS (201 SP)0.0241793,352
@deuksoo84406,815 VESTS (201 SP)0.0241798,334
@thomas-bm406,795 VESTS (201 SP)0.0241793,426
@revisesociology406,759 VESTS (201 SP)0.0241798,296
@knight4sky406,558 VESTS (201 SP)0.0241793,997
@rimowa406,382 VESTS (201 SP)0.0241792,699
@joannewong406,360 VESTS (201 SP)0.02417931,676
@rehan12406,075 VESTS (201 SP)0.0241793,221
@ocupation405,618 VESTS (200 SP)0.0241794,774
@yandot405,062 VESTS (200 SP)0.0241785,564
@espoem404,937 VESTS (200 SP)0.0241787,236
@jeaniepearl404,902 VESTS (200 SP)0.0241781,459
@shanibeer404,896 VESTS (200 SP)0.0241785,274
@plokmi323,926 VESTS (160 SP)0.0191438,358
@upali323,872 VESTS (160 SP)0.019143417
@maxwell95304,867 VESTS (151 SP)0.0181342,023
@drigweeu304,797 VESTS (151 SP)0.0181343,145
@moneyhacks304,635 VESTS (151 SP)0.0181349,228
@andimywapblog12303,921 VESTS (150 SP)0.0181341,705
@metama303,767 VESTS (150 SP)0.018134519
@flash07303,738 VESTS (150 SP)0.018134638
@simplymike303,676 VESTS (150 SP)0.0181345,217
@stans303,675 VESTS (150 SP)0.018134146
@for91days293,887 VESTS (145 SP)0.0171292,616
@ted7284,633 VESTS (141 SP)0.0171253,032
@stokjockey244,097 VESTS (121 SP)0.0141074,071
@valth223,766 VESTS (111 SP)0.0139912,387
@monkeydoo213,477 VESTS (105 SP)0.012941,555
@earlmonk204,715 VESTS (101 SP)0.012906,284
@soosoo203,785 VESTS (101 SP)0.012906,739
@leesongyi203,784 VESTS (101 SP)0.012906,739
@hakguan203,707 VESTS (101 SP)0.012906,753
@carrotcake203,569 VESTS (101 SP)0.012909,959
@jisung203,426 VESTS (101 SP)0.012901,676
@smartbear203,426 VESTS (101 SP)0.012902,491
@maarnio203,423 VESTS (101 SP)0.0129010,111
@sintai203,423 VESTS (101 SP)0.012902,126
@mellissaying203,423 VESTS (101 SP)0.012902,177
@kr-ebook203,417 VESTS (101 SP)0.012901,808
@wony203,416 VESTS (101 SP)0.012901,676
@dakeshi203,416 VESTS (101 SP)0.012901,688
@zaedol203,413 VESTS (101 SP)0.012901,676
@deanlogic203,413 VESTS (101 SP)0.012902,509
@epitt925203,407 VESTS (101 SP)0.012902,682
@johnrenald203,406 VESTS (101 SP)0.012901,782
@gidung203,406 VESTS (101 SP)0.012904,715
@room9203,404 VESTS (101 SP)0.012901,709
@bahagia-arbi203,404 VESTS (101 SP)0.012902,170
@wefund203,403 VESTS (101 SP)0.012905,421
@matildah203,402 VESTS (101 SP)0.012903,153
@styner203,395 VESTS (100 SP)0.012901,676
@hanen203,392 VESTS (100 SP)0.012902,966
@direwolf203,368 VESTS (100 SP)0.0129029,847
@yann03203,319 VESTS (100 SP)0.012903,650
@sitha203,304 VESTS (100 SP)0.0129012,683
@cocorush203,303 VESTS (100 SP)0.012903,129
@kuberaleez203,299 VESTS (100 SP)0.012901,481
@ldsklee203,288 VESTS (100 SP)0.012901,481
@ab7b13203,287 VESTS (100 SP)0.012901,487
@seraphim502203,286 VESTS (100 SP)0.012905,063
@xyzashu203,262 VESTS (100 SP)0.012893,493
@team101203,228 VESTS (100 SP)0.012892,027
@ravenkim203,224 VESTS (100 SP)0.012891,476
@kimzwarch203,221 VESTS (100 SP)0.012891,391
@redtravels203,220 VESTS (100 SP)0.012893,904
@bobby.madagascar203,122 VESTS (100 SP)0.012892,274
@nowoojun203,056 VESTS (100 SP)0.0128914,179
@osmerj202,993 VESTS (100 SP)0.012893,338
@transcript-junky202,970 VESTS (100 SP)0.012893,539
@professorbromide202,953 VESTS (100 SP)0.01289975
@didic202,944 VESTS (100 SP)0.012891,975
@zoltarian202,924 VESTS (100 SP)0.012894,313
@chappuller202,924 VESTS (100 SP)0.01289889
@jznsamuel202,605 VESTS (100 SP)0.012896,977
@onehand202,520 VESTS (100 SP)0.0128921,015
@consciousangel7202,514 VESTS (100 SP)0.012891,699
@amvanaken202,460 VESTS (100 SP)0.012894,341
@elementm202,458 VESTS (100 SP)0.012896,271
@sambasambo202,444 VESTS (100 SP)0.01289578
@magnus19202,418 VESTS (100 SP)0.012891,103
@mooring202,407 VESTS (100 SP)0.012895,924
@coupleumbrella202,394 VESTS (100 SP)0.01289294
@humptydumpty1202,388 VESTS (100 SP)0.0128924,780
@mermaidvampire202,387 VESTS (100 SP)0.01289803
@yonghwanny194,505 VESTS (96 SP)0.011861,515
@dray91eu184,417 VESTS (91 SP)0.01181549
@veenang166,570 VESTS (82 SP)0.01736,207
@normalbro165,000 VESTS (82 SP)0.0173551
@osariemen152,139 VESTS (75 SP)0.00967243
@chrisli151,915 VESTS (75 SP)0.00967384
@pialejoana141,819 VESTS (70 SP)0.0086226,115
@wilhb81132,034 VESTS (65 SP)0.00858966
@daan007121,754 VESTS (60 SP)0.007541,153
@mobi72121,477 VESTS (60 SP)0.007532,206
@artcreator121,475 VESTS (60 SP)0.0075380
@jpederson96105,000 VESTS (52 SP)0.006461,742
@dinglehopper101,680 VESTS (50 SP)0.00645961
@superoo7101,606 VESTS (50 SP)0.0064528,538
@strosalia101,602 VESTS (50 SP)0.006451,471
@team2dev101,541 VESTS (50 SP)0.00645660
@lintah101,416 VESTS (50 SP)0.00645464
@hungryhustle101,330 VESTS (50 SP)0.006454,684
@just2random101,318 VESTS (50 SP)0.006451,863
@freyman101,305 VESTS (50 SP)0.00645668
@mr-chuckles101,263 VESTS (50 SP)0.00645413
@tuhin786101,252 VESTS (50 SP)0.00645253
@encryptdcouple101,230 VESTS (50 SP)0.006452,164
@hattaarshavin101,222 VESTS (50 SP)0.006451,548
@bboyady101,217 VESTS (50 SP)0.006451,036
@ericwilson101,195 VESTS (50 SP)0.006451,133
@replayphoto60,965 VESTS (30 SP)0.00427805
@solomon50760,959 VESTS (30 SP)0.004275,870
@randomgoodstuff60,851 VESTS (30 SP)0.00427372
@rangertx40,677 VESTS (20 SP)0.00218598
@lusterdoom40,671 VESTS (20 SP)0.00218296
@tim3w4rp30,512 VESTS (15 SP)0.00213517
@schroders30,512 VESTS (15 SP)0.00213251
@fundsteem20,545 VESTS (10 SP)0.0019346
@unicron20,342 VESTS (10 SP)0.0019212
@xomegax20,328 VESTS (10 SP)0.00192,173
@aykaco20,321 VESTS (10 SP)0.00191,277
@amala20,245 VESTS (10 SP)0.001995
@fruitdaddy20,245 VESTS (10 SP)0.001914,026
@vegan4theanimals20,245 VESTS (10 SP)0.0019484
@okekemmichael10,169 VESTS (5 SP)0.001484
@streetsmart10,164 VESTS (5 SP)0.001470
@onlyforyou10,163 VESTS (5 SP)0.00141,323
@doodleman10,112 VESTS (5 SP)0.0014836
@walterben9,964 VESTS (5 SP)0.001421
@steeming-ali8,119 VESTS (4 SP)0.0447
@anutta4,197 VESTS (2 SP)0.0229
@hensey4,050 VESTS (2 SP)0.027
@fashionsteemit3,044 VESTS (2 SP)0.01105
Total3,464,041,073.47 VESTS (1,711,613 SP)100.0%83.44630,000

(If your name is not in this report, you may have been delegated SP after we already sent STEEM rewards. In this case, your rewards will be calculated next week.)


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I am not on this list

Getting the most out of the airdrop ;)

@remind-me on 12 September 2018


Hey @therealwolf, I will notify you on September 12th 2018, 12:00:00 pm (UTC)
Later! ( read more... )


Hi @therealwolf!
You asked me in this comment to create a reminder.
It seems the time has passed!

This post has been just added as new item to timeline of Steemhunt on Steem Projects.

If you want to be notified about new updates from this project, register on Steem Projects and add Steemhunt to your favorite projects.

  ·  3년 전

we can only participate the airdrop for once? cause I have more SP than the time I participated the airdrop two weeks ago.

All the best on launching Reviewhunt, it seems interesting!

Congrats, this post is featured on my news show (in Chinese :D) for today!

@steemhuntgreat things are happening here the Reviewhunt project is very interesting, many thanks for sharing all this information
I wish the whole team a happy day

@steemhunt thanks for providing information, it's unfortunate for me I have not much SP at this moment to participate.

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