Descent MK1 Dive Smartwatch! - Helps Improving & Enhancing The Diving Experience!

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Descent MK1 Dive Smartwatch!

Helps Improving & Enhancing The Diving Experience!





Hunter's comment

For most people, diving in the ocean is a daring task to do and not many of us commit to dive in the ocean right away. That's because we know our weakness and we know for a fact that swimming in a pool and ocean are both different. But hey, no more! Garmin presents you a computer smartwatch which lets you calculate a lot of things and helps you in many things. Garmin smartwatch comes with a TOPO detailed mapping which gives you an insight when you are under water. You can know the depth, heart rate, location with GPS, mark your entry and exit points and store the data of upto 200+ dives to compare later. Sounds awesome, right? Imagine how greater will be your experience. Your skills with those metrics will improve day by day.

Some of the great characteristics of Descent MK1 Dive Smartwatch:

  • It helps you feel the vibration like when a sea creature is coming near you like a whale etc.
  • It tracks your heart rate to help you improve your performance later.
  • It can be easily connected to the multiple types of devices.
  • The collected data can be shared using Garmin Connect.
  • It has TOPO map which gives you a detailed view of locations.
  • You also get GPS with this smartwatch.
  • You'll love the battery life which is upto 19 days in watch mode, though 19 hours in GPS mode.
  • Most of all, it allows you to plan your dives as you have access to important data such as nitrox and trimox, depth of the water and many other things.
    -1.2 inch bright light blue screen under the sea with the clear view which is truly impressive.

Short Video Review:


If you want to improve your dives or want important metrics while you are in water, this smartwatch computer is an awesome gadget for you. I'm not a big fan of diving, though, maybe because I'm not used to it but if you are, give it a go.



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Great post @steemist

Pros :

  • Stylish and Elegant design
  • The device once chraged can last upto several hours
  • The watch can be connected to your device on the go.

Cons :

  • The price on this very high
  • Navigation thru the watch might be tedius for a beginner


  • cool , handy and great innovation for doing watersports like diving.
  • Vibrates and keeps you aware if sea creature will approach you
  • accessible to connect to various devices
  • Long Battery duration

I love diving, but this smartwatch is very expensive for me :D


  • Provides useful features and statistics that are needed during a dive
  • Battery duration is long :)


  • Price is quite high for this!


  • A multifunction smart watch, it helps you to keep on track of your heart rate
  • Tracks your heart-beat while diving, great connectivity, rechargeable battery, simple functionality, vibration as a depth-alarm, GPS navigation and many more features.
  • The Silver made from steal with a silicon wristband and the Premium Black made from titanium with a titanium wristband.
  • It provides the Software “GARMIN Connect” which is available as a online interface as well as a free App.
  • You can track a whole training in 1 file. You can check and see the surface intervals, the total training time and the overlay of your heart-beat + water temperature to the file.


  • No issues for the product as long as it provides accurate stats and data.

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  • I love the facts of vibration aware diver for sea creatures

  • heart rate meter also great to prevent emergency

  • data easy to transfer

Too expensive


  • this diving gear equipped with GPS with GLONASS enabled for other sports (cycling, running, gym, etc)
  • Smartwatch with smartphone notifications (like Twitter, Facebook,emails), calendar notification, phone and text notifications
  • The Garmin Connect app is nice as you can transfer all of your info as it Downloads data automatically to your phone via Bluetooth Smart tech.
  • Connects to ANT+ & Bluetooth Smart accessories, can control Garmin action cams.
  • this styles watch comes with a good battery .
  • Sound and vibration alerts keep you aware while you’re submerged.
  • Three is only too much nice features in this watch. Its All good.


  • Another collection of an awesome watch especially for everyone who wanted to go diving in the water, either in the pool or in the sea
  • It tracks your heart rate to help you improve your performance at the next thing you do the same
  • It will be connected to any devices especially mobile phones to get your data results
  • It has a built-in GPS which wi help you locate your current location in the water
  • Its battery life can span so much longer enough


  • No cons at the moment since this offers an awesome watch!!


  • Looks really fun and useful
  • Many people looking forward for something like this
  • Benefitial for humanity


  • Limited target group

Pros :

  • It has a sleek watch-style design with surface GPS
  • It does support both single-gas and multi-gas
  • It can check your heart rate and does have performance matrics and some smart notifications to have you stay informed
  • It has smart connectivity where you can received text messages and emails

Cons :

  • The price of this watch is kinda expensive. Recommended only for divers

Pros :

  • It will vibrate when there is some incoming sea creatures near you which is totally great
  • It has nice design and easy to wear
  • Checks your heart rate
  • It has notifications, received text messages, emails and GPS

Cons :

  • The watch is nice but its just expensive.


  • This watch has a very sleek and classy design for a dive computer with surface GPS.
  • The sensors are very helpful in marking the entry and exit points of your diving activity
  • Your past diving performances can be tracked so you can assess and do better next time


  • Woah the price is pretty expensive. I can already buy a complete set of PC for that one.


  • Slik and handy design makes it more adorable
  • Vibrates while a sea creature near you it's a new approch
  • battery performance quite good
  • accessible to connect to other devices
  • Not the least data storage capacity

Only one found it's the price range

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Good job @steemist, I loved the presentation, description and the unbeatable photos, it's a good promotion, THANKS for sharing!

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