Everlast & PIQ Boxing Sensor - The wearable gadget that makes you a boxing champion!

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Everlast & PIQ Boxing Sensor

The wearable gadget that makes you a boxing champion!





Hunter's comment

Want to become a boxing champion? But do you know what it takes to become a champion? Powerful punches! With Everlast and PIQ Sport, you can now become an amazing boxer whose punch could defeat the opponent on the spot. This wearable gadget helps you calculate how powerful your punches are and what are the winning potential during the match based on your performance. Tracking fitness was never been so effective and powerful!

Some of the great characteristics that make this product completely unique and awesome:

  • All you need to do is wear the belt on your wrist over the boxing gloves.
  • There is a sensor attached to the belt.
  • It helps you measure the G-Force of your punches.
  • You can also find out how often you are punching. (i.e the delay between your punches)
  • Powerful or not? Measure the impact of your punches.
  • The sensor transfers the information to an Android application by which you can compare your friend's performance with yours.
  • It helps you see the winning factors.
  • Gives you all the information like how much upper punches and lower punches you did. Everything you need to build a strategy for the battleground.

Short Video Review:


PIQ & Everlast Boxing Fitness Sensor is the perfect solution if you want to make a reasonable difference. You can build your own game plan. Even the trained boxers would love to use it as it helps you track all the details of your punches and how quick you are. Overall, a cool fitness tracker and completely unique of its nature.




Hunter: @steemist


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Thank you @bitrocker2020 and @superoo7 for helping this wonderful independent collaboration


  • Monitor your Boxing Skills
  • Great for Athletes, especially for students who want to practice more in terms of the boxing sport
  • Really amazing gadget, one of the amazing innovative gadget I knew in terms of sports


  • None, the product is fascinating cool. It really had may eye in it.

Rating this Product 4.2/5


This product is not just a sensor it's a powerful weapon to sharp your boxing skill and use recorded data to continuously improve your boxing.


easy to use, all you need to start is to wear this boxing gadget.
don't need coach you can just start playing around and later it tells you what you need to adjust.



it's not just a sensor , it is also a tool set to track your punch, tells how powerful your punch is and how often you train from a long period.

nothing I see

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This is a really interesting product which is tracking the moves to improve your skills. Nice hunt hunter! Keep up the good work

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That is very cool. I'll have to look into that.

personal boxing coach and helper.
helps you see the winning factors.
tells you if your punch was powerful enough.



  • It is very innovative product
  • Fast, and Easy to use
  • Cool design of the product


  • None for this awesome product


high tech gadget with data record function.
even professional boxers are using this gadget to improve.



help you workout and all your details of your punches will be monitored.
it is like a personal coach for life.

none I can see


innovative design of this boxing gadget.
learn from yourself based on it's tracking data.

still need someone to coach you if you are a boxing starter.


cool design of this boxing tool.
it will speed up your boxing training and save you time to have someone keep an eye on your training.



This is the best I see from all the boxing training equipment.
lightweight and can bring it to anywhere.



The best use of this boxing training gadget is to record data and analyze your punching activity to see what needs to be improved in your next training.



I'm not a professional boxer but I like boxing just as working out.
It is helpful for whom like me don't hire a couch all the time to boxing.

none I see

This is a nice hunt!

  • Boxers will enjoy this gadget whenever they train. As well as keep track of their records and improvements.


  • This might end up broken while on the match.

Pros :

  • It can help analyze your workouts
  • It can even measure the speed of your punch with the use of your G-force on an impact
  • It can provide you the more enhance experience
  • This can be a revolutionary technology that are dedicated for those people who are into boxing

Cons :

  • It has only a battery life of 8 hours
  • It has a low energy on Bluetooth

ready to use like wear a watch.
data will be sent to your smart phone.
can always keep data as history for you to look at.


Nice hunt:

  • robotic gadget that you can wear on your wrist which is really comfortable for long period of time.
  • it gives the real time data from your action; like punch recognition, G-force impact calculation and speed of punch.
  • this gadget can analysis all your workout data like sparing, shadow boxing, mitt boxing etc.
  • from these data you can put yourself in a certain category or level and find out the best way to level up yourself(off course this depend only upon you and your willingness not on any damn robot).
  • it can tell you what are your week points so you can improve.
  • it just a gadget that only can analysis the data and assist you,
    It can't make you a world champion, it totally up to you.


it has a app support multiple platforms.
You can track and view your boxing data at almost any devices.
has tracking and analyze ability.



  • It makes you good in boxing, cause the delay and fastness of your boxing skills can be calculated.
  • By transferring to an andriod phone, you can compare your skills with friends to know if you are better.
  • Easy to wear.
  • There's possibility of it being broken.


this wearable gadget can help you record real time data for later analyze.
assist you to improve your boxing skill.


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Good job, it is an interesting product, it was excellent I congratulate you, THANK YOU for sharing!

Take my money!

Does something magical happen when you touch the pinky and your index finger at the same time ? o.o

this is sure a good product. interesting hunt

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Must have gadget for boxers

kelebihan :
easy to use using a belt on the wrist
can help you to measure your G-Force blow

Cons :