Radar Pace Sunglasses - Delivers Realtime Voice & Gives You Control Over Your Phone!

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Radar Pace Sunglasses

Delivers Realtime Voice & Gives You Control Over Your Phone!





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It sucks when you want to deliver your voice as a coach to your students but you are forced to wear wither wireless microphone or headphones, right? But hey, wait! You won't have to do that any longer. Oakley presents Radar Pace Sunglasses which do not only serve your eye needs and not only it protects you from the sunlight reflection, it gives you the option to deliver your voice realtime to others. Radar Pace Sunglasses have several sensors attached to it by which you can calculate your speed, heart rate, power output, distance and time etc. But there's more! you can listen to your favorite songs because it offers a mp3 player which is attached it. Sounds awesome, right?

Some of the great characteristics of Radar Pace Sunglasses:

  • It helps you deliver your voice real-time to others.
  • You can play your favorite songs and listen to them.
  • You can get access to your heart rate, speed, distance, time and other data.
  • There are some other sensors by which you can have access to humidity, pressure etc information.
  • It delivers all the data to your smartphone.
  • You can control your smartphone remotely with the sunglasses like attending calls while running etc.
  • It has interchangeable lenses.
  • A cool design for sunglasses which almost no one can dislike.

Short Video Review:


You may not dislike the sunglasses which gives you that many features like controlling your smartphone through sunglasses for which some special swipes and taps are designed. It is not heavy to wear at all and what's more? You can deliver your voice real-time to your friends/students while running. Don't forget the data like heart rate, speed, distance, time, humidity, pressure etc. Overall, an awesome product.




Hunter: @steemist


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  • You can play your favorite songs
  • You can track, your heart rate, distance, speed, and other data
  • Very cool sporty design.
  • You can connect with your smartphone


  • It is quite expensive but very reasonable price base on the features and specs

Such an awesome gadget


  • Very innovative and useful.
  • Can be used for seamless communication
  • Has room for improvements like voice command
  • Perfect for athletes


  • A bit expensive but I would say it's worth it.


  • Innovative project with lens optic
  • A lot of time and research took place in order to get this product done


  • Expensive with 500$

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Are all of those sensors (heart rate, etc) part of the actual sunglasses or do they integrate with other products like a fitbit?


  • It helps you deliver voice real time to others
  • It gives you a choice to play your favorite songs so that you could listen to it!
  • It can get your data from your heart rate, speed, distance and etc
  • Really cool device


  • No cons at the moment since this offers a very nice application or feature

Quiet expensive, it needs some improvement. But hey...nice tho

화이팅 ~^^


  • Gives a convenient way in communicating with other individuals.
  • Listening and playing of songs are made convenient.
  • Provides an automated calculation/or data about your health (assessment) and the likes. Plus some features can make you calculate other important data from the environment.
  • Easy transfer of information/ collected data to users’ mobile.
  • An essential tool that can supplement in controlling mobile devices.
  • Design and features are cool which fits the to any individuals with different lifestyles.


  • expensive yet considerable due to the convenience that it may bring.

it's an awesome product~

Wow, it looks cool.

-helps you deliver your voice real-time to others

  • supports mp3 play to listen your favorite songs
  • easy to deliver all data to your phone


  • None for this hunt

Thanks for yout hunt.

A very good looking and modernistic design for sunglasses. Speaking of the technology that is being incorporated for this sunglasses, well its topnotch! Imagine controlling your phone using this sunglasses, pretty awesome. If only I have lots of money, I would definitely buy this one, sadly it's very expensive, I guess that's the only downside I've found for this product. Anyways, the product is very cool, I really like its design,

Pros :

  • A great revolutionary lens optics that are built on decades of research
  • It does provide a control of light transmission which really give precise color tune
  • It does improve your maximize contrast and even enhance visibility
  • It does allow you to track your performance and coaches you with the use of its real-time voice activated coaching system
  • It helps take care of your lenses

Cons :

  • With a cost of $499 of a sunglasses it is surely expensive


a great product tracks your body health data to your smart phone.
deliver real time voice.

nothing I can see.


cool design of the sunglasses, looks amazing.
let you control your smartphone remotely with the sunglasses when you are busy with other stuff.



  • Wearable, useful , cool and lightweight
  • Awesome innovation with activity trackers
  • Excellent innovation for outdoor activities
  • Interchangeable lenses and seems comfy

*None that I can see. seems like a promising product with a lot of functions.


really nice voice control feature.
smooth design and reasonable price.
data sync between sunglasses and your phone.



high technology let you integrate your smart phone with sunglasses.
voice control enabled.
classic looking.

none I can see

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Such an amazing and stylist sunglasses; look at the vibrant colors, I like them very much.

  • first of all these stylist sunglasses are the real quality product which is a result of a time paying research of the Prizm™. It serves you only the best quality in all sense.
  • second thing it is not just a quality sunglass, it comes with a built in a smart real time coaching technique, on the basis of your performance it can create a special training program to assist you to become better than before.
  • it can calculate all your physical data like speed, heart rate, distance traveled by you in a specific time, body temperature etc.
  • this gadget also notify you about your missed workout and keep you on track.
  • during your workout when you totally sweated out don't worry about your device it is totally waterproof.
  • as a quality sunglass it provide you a Cristal clear sharp vision.
  • Nothing less in quality.
  • may be a bit pricey.

Google Glass part deux?

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Good job @steemist! I loved the presentation of this product, description and the unbeatable photos, THANKS for sharing!

a great product to try, I was instaled it.
I can play my loving song easly
easy and simple

easily broken and lost because of small

This is really awesome I need a pair!!!