NeoLucida XL - Drawing instrument that consolidate a virtual phantom pictur

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NeoLucida XL

Drawing instrument that consolidate a virtual phantom pictur



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Drawing would be so significantly simpler on the off chance that you could hold up a bit of glass to your subject and follow its similarity straightforwardly onto the flat glass. The NeoLucida XL's survey mirror-and-glass part is hung on an adaptable arm that is joined to a brace on the opposite end. It superimposes a picture of your subject onto your paper. You see your pencil and your subject in the meantime. Follow what you see! To utilize, basically brace it to the edge of your illustration table, at that point position the head so the mirror is confronting your subject while the glass faces the portray cushion.

The NeoLucida XL utilizes mirror and glass to join a virtual phantom picture of your subject and the genuine perspective of your hand.



Hunter: @steemvibes

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This drawin peripheral is cheating. XD, but it is a good way to practice your drawing skills and good for beginners. Wish you all luck in th daily rankings!

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The mirror and glass part of the NeoLucida XL survey is hung on an adaptive arm that attaches to hold on the other end.

very good hunting this feature I like. 👍😉

This is smart use of physics to make drawing easier. Now almost anybody can draw an object they observe in the distance with NeoLucida XL :)

Technology going on very strongly. Day by day we saw that stronger improvement. These virtual phantom picture just fablous dear.


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