Pirelli Connesso - High intelligent performance smart tire

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Pirelli Connesso

High intelligent performance smart tire



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The Pirelli Connesso can measure tire weight, tire temperature, vertical load, tire wear, and the separation each tire has driven, giving you significant information that is promptly accessible initially. The sensors in each tire associate with your telephone by means of Bluetooth, and it just measures a couple of grams so doesn't influence the tires' execution or decrease its speed rating. Later on, it will even be refreshed to appraise life and go about as remote tire weight measure when the tires are being swelled, so this is an incredibly helpful tool. these cunning savvy tires from Pirelli are currently accessible and exhibit yet some other time that the universe of motorsport has traversed to the universe of street autos.




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Smart tires, now that's something i wasn't expecting at all. Govt regulation in most european countries are calling for better safer tires and also for companies to make consumers more aware about what they are buying. this is the best to tackle that.

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  ·  2년 전

I like this technology, in our vehicle many times we carry our treasures more pressed than is our family if this makes our car safer this is great I hope your next hunt greetings

We see a lot of "smart" being implemented into everything. We are starting to see the move towards trillions of sensors out there.

This will change a boring industry like tires.

Great hunt.

They are incredible this type of device for tires and that both aware of any of the irregularities that can come at any time Good hunting

The only thing that keeps us safe on the move with the car is the tires. For this reason, this hunt touches a very important topic. It is a product that can give information to us instantly by measuring everything thanks to technology. I think it's a beautiful and wonderful event. Thank you.

WOW, interesting Pirelli Connesso, I just have to open my application on my smart device and I will have so much valuable information about my tires, this is awesome, great hunting.

My husband takes care of his car so much, too much :D I will recommend him to check Pirelli Connesso. Thanks for sharing.

interesting hunting, this is a very useful tool, you know how many accidents are going to be avoided with this technology, it tells you practically everything you need to know if your tire is failing or needs to be changed, they would definitely be my first option when buying tires.

Nice hunt

This tires are sure gonna save lives
you can get to know more about your tires with your smartphone
which is a good pro
For a con none found in this hunt

Wooow, I am very interested in using it, so I can see the weight on my mobile.
this is very good.

aside form the engine of a vehicle which happen the be the Brain the other part to be more considered carefully are the tires. increasing the performance of movement and also reducing the rate of accidents.
Pirelli Connesso would be of a great help to monitor the performance on motion and off-motion of the tires

great hunt steemvites


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