iBubble - Autonomous diving drone with high quality camera

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Autonomous diving drone with high quality camera





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Hunter's comment

The market of underwater drones grows bigger and bigger. This is due to an arise of interest in the market and new developments in this sector.

iBubble is one of these new drones and already available in an advance sale. Lots of different features are build into the drone which makes it easy to operate.

It is equipped with a camera for high quality videos, seven propellors for a good agility and two lamps with 1000 lumen to brighten the view underwater.

The drone is able to dive 200 feets deep with a speed of 3.5 km/h. The battery is interchangeable and holds for an hour.

A negative side of the product is its price. The price is actually reduced from 4,798.80$ to 3,958.80$.
Also is the estimated delivery in october caused by the ongoing development of the product. But a pre-order is already possible.




Hunter: @supposer


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  • In contrast to many other underwater drones this one is autonomous
  • Equipped with lots of different features


  • Just one hour battery charge, other drones have more


  • underwater camera
  • autonomous diving (how cool is this?)
  • 60 min battery


  • Price


  • Submarine drone completely autonomous
  • Can be used at a great depth
  • It has a low frequency sonar that does not damage any fish under water that lets you know what is in front of it and thus avoid colliding with any animal, rock or object that is in front of it.
  • It has a very good video quality.
  • You can set the shooting mode wirelessly with the smart bracelet included


  • Can be obtained only in presale
  • The battery charge lasts only one hour.
  • An ordinary person can not afford this product

Pros for product:
capable of deep dives for underwater exploration
higher speed capability
great for videos and photos

very expensive

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