The Community Microscope Kit - Self build microscope

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The Community Microscope Kit

Self build microscope





Hunter's comment

It is about providing a simple and cheap microscope for everyone. For this you get a microskope kit but need to build it together yourself.
Thanks to lots of effort which was put in you can purchase a basic version for 40$ on Kickstarter.

The microscope was development of a big open community out of scientists, educators, …

It is also worth the time to build it up. Regarding to their description it will just take 15 minutes.

Going on from this set you can improve your microscope pretty easily.



Hunter: @supposer

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  • It is a community driven project so a lot of experience is combined in this project


  • It is a very simple microscope and does not contain pretty much features

Pros :

A cheap and simple microscope
Setting up will just take 15 minutes
A good way to do microscope works
It can help you learn something just like scientist, educators, etc.

Cons :

Not a plug and play item which needs to be assembled

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  • Easy to build, it does not take long to do it
  • This is a product, "do it yourself"
  • The price is economical
  • Different models available that adapt to the needs of the client (beginner to advanced user)


  • Not yet available in stores

-Low price
-Open community project
-You can improve it very easily
-A lot of small pieces that you can lose
-Doesn't comes with a battery

Pros :

  • Price is cheaper
  • for setup it will take less minutes
  • Easy
  • microscope can be easily improved

Cons :

  • does not contain pretty much features


  • perfect for teaching children
  • very economical
  • simple construction will not take long time


  • ferfecto product

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