Eatigo - Enjoy 50% off at EVERY restaurant reserved via this app!

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Enjoy 50% off at EVERY restaurant reserved via this app!


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Hunter's comment

I LOVE this app because:

  • it is COMPLETELY FREE: NO hidden costs, NO reservation fees, NO additional charges. ALL you get is up to 50% discount from 4000+ restaurants!!

  • It is SUPER EASY to use. All you need to do is find a restaurant, pick a time slot, choose the number of people attending and click the "confirm reservation" button. That's it. The discount will be automatically applied to your food bill. If it is your first reservation, you can try entering the code "FIRST25" to get a free coffee coupon!


  • You will receive an email regarding the reservation. You can actually find all the information in their app, too! It is so considerate for them to show you the map: it really helps if it is your first time dining at the reserved restaurant!


  • Their search function facilitates your "restaurant-hunting" process ;p There are a lot of filters to choose from, including location, cuisine, discount % and price range. You can always find a restaurant you love!


  • Another feature I like is their referral scheme. Every user is assigned a referral code. If you invite your friend with your code, BOTH of you will get a reward!! The more people you refer, the higher reward points you get. These points are used to exchange gifts such as cash voucher and gift certificate!


  • I also love their "Favourite" function. You can add any restaurant to the "Favourite" category, so you do not have to look for it from 4000 restaurants the next time when you feel like eating there again!

unnamed (28).jpg

  • If you are an authentic foodie, you do not want to miss information about the best restaurants in town. You can find such information in the "News & Promotions" category. It makes sure you will not miss a single restaurant which newly partnered up with eatigo!

unnamed (27).jpg

  • Personally, I prefer using their app to make reservations as it is more convenient :) It is available in BOTH App Store and Google Play. Please do check it out!



Hunter: @susanlo

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  ·  4년 전


  • Very detail information of every restaurant
  • Evaluation is very fair
  • User friendly layout
  • Good idea of referral and share link


  • none

Thanks for your review! haha this app is great! And it does support local language:)

  ·  4년 전

oh, thanks, I adjust it~


  • Useful in cities in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumper, India and Manila


  • Uesless in cities other than the above.

Thanks for reviewing:) Hehehe


  • It is free, do not need to pay
  • The interface is user-friendly
  • Can find many great restaurant there
  • Can enjoy a nice discount


  • There are similar product already

Thanks for your review!

Awesome find. I like services that help save.

  • Helps save money on restaurant expenses
  • Website also helps in discovering new restaurants
  • Easy to use website


  • Only available in South East Asia

Thanks for reviewing:)


  • Very handy app to find restaurants
  • Beautiful design
  • You don't have to pay for the app, so that is a plus as well


  • No cons in my opinion

Thanks a lot for your review!! :)

"Moderator Comment

Thanks for this great hunt. After looking into this service the first time I thought it would be a local service, but there was a tap at the upside of the page and the service is available in HK, Manila, Bankok, etc.

Go for it and keep up the great work!

Congrats! Your hunt has been verified

As you know, Steemhunt is a community-driven ranking community for cool new products.
We also have a Discord and Telegram channels. Please join in and discuss anything you want for Steemhunt!"


haha thanks for your verification! :)) I'm really glad you like this. Next time when you travel to these countries please do use this amazing app to save budget! Cheers :)

Wow, it looks cool.


  • completely free get up to 50% discount.
  • easy to use
  • offers favorite and search funtion
  • available on google play and app store


  • none for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt.


Thanks for reviewing:)

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It seems a great restaurant @susanlo. I have created a personal review, please check on below :

Pros :

  • Their site is really presentable with the mixed up of red and white which can be an advantage compare to their competitors. I really like how they organized well their presentation and the quality photos that are used.
  • They do support Chinese and English languages
  • Currently their website does support Hong Kong restaurant, Singapore restaurant, Kuala Lumpur restaurant, Manila restaurant and many others.
  • With just a quick look on the front page, you can easily see all available restaurants and when you click each of them it will display as full details into it.
  • They do have some helpdesk and chat which you can immediately inquire
  • Available also on both App Store and Google Play

Cons :

  • Need to register first before you can avail their services

・You can easily find the restaurant with discount and save money.
・The referral scheme attract more people to use the app
・The favorite function is convenient


Thanks for reviewing:)

@project7 why is this being approved? This is only available for a FEW select countries. Not for USA. This is why I have stopped using @SteemHunt. The Mods all approve things different ways.


Thanks for your comment:) haha some previously approved hunts are also available in selected countries ;p You’re right to say that ppl do things differently, that’s why the friendly moderators have set up discord channels for us to appeal the results. Instead of stopping using this great platform, I prefer adapting to it and doing genuine communication:)


  • A useful app who offers great finds to save and pay at a lower price
  • Great for family, friends or groups
  • It seems reliable coz you get confirmation upon payment and you can present in a discounted price based on the reservation you've made
  • Reward for referrals and also beneficial if you want to use this as a gift.

I haven't seen any, would probably try this out! Such a great hunt you've provided!


Thanks a lottt for your detailed review!! Haha please do check it out, you’ll love it!

이티고앱이 정말 좋은거 같아요!! 필리핀에도 있다고 보았는데
대한민국,한국에는없네요! 엄청 유용한 앱인거 같습니다 수산노님^^
즐거운 일요일 저녁되세요^^


ㅋㅋ 감사합니다 wooboo님! 이 앱은 정말 유용해요! 이제 식당에 가기 전에 꼭 이앱에서 식당을 찾아요 ㅎㅎ 좋은 밤 되세요 :))

good app to enjoy food with discount

I have no money😭


Thanks for your review!!! Me either TTTTTT Let's buy Mcdonald

this is a great tip!


Thanks for your comment! haha it is a great app!

Truly, this free application makes food lovers people enjoy food more than ever.

They can now find great restaurants which offer up to 50% discount.

It is a free application, so it's downloadable anytime plus it's easy to use.

It does offer reviews on each restaurants.

I don't find any con. Such awesome hunt.


Thanks for reviewing:) This is an amazing app!

Wow! This app seems too good to be true, but after recently watching a YouTube video on how GrubHub is trying to dominate the restaurant takeaway industry.

I totally get it.

Eatigo are trying to buy market share, so they'll be snapped up by the big players in there sector.

Which is good for us:


  • 4000+ resturants
  • Decent Referral Scheme
  • Well Designed App
  • Restaurant rating is helpful


  • This is like the Groupon for food. I feel for the restaurants involved.
  • It's up to 50% off so most likely is only around 20-30% on average.
  • Discount only applies to menu items and not across the entire bill.

Thanks for your detailed review:) Haha you’re right, and I wish they could improve and become more competitive in the future!

  ·  4년 전

a handy app with some great discounts up to 50% to offer. been using it for sometime.


Thanks a lot for your comment!! haha right it's an amazing app! :)

I am curious to know if it works globally. Does it?


Haha currently it works in cities in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Kuala Lumper, India and Manila, and they are bringing this amazing app to other countries in the world! :))

I love! an application where you can book at restaurants give you 50% discount and you can win if you invite others? hmm is not bad
applications like these make life a little easier and apart they help you a bit with the income and expenditure of our money


Thanks Yanes for your comment! :) yup you can get rewards by inviting others with your invitation code!

in bangladesh not you anyway?
please follow& upvote

Congratulations on your verified.


Thanks :)

Anything to do with great food i am in to support!!


Haha seems that you’re a real foodie!

Oh, just noticed that Eatigo app is available in Malaysia region too! I need to check this one out, thanks for the awesome hunt @susanlo :)


Haha yup it’s available in many Asian regions! I’m glad you like it. Cheers!

  I really like it
  collaborative development team
  published on many press
  well designed
  practical design

  Nothing comes to my mind

Hi @susanlo!

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Thanks a lottt for your appreciation! Cheers!

Hi~ @susanlo, Good Hunt~
I'm already using it in the Philippines^^


Hiii thanks @kimsungmin :) haha reallyyy? It’s just nice, isn’t it?


I have to set the time, but it's still a really good app^^


  • Can save a lot of money!
  • It had a user-friendly interface
  • Can use in many region
  • Help to discover new restaurants


  • Nothing for this hunt yet

Thanks for reviewing:)


  • Awesome design / usability
  • I would enjoy to have this at home :D
  • Great overall look and feel


  • Nah


  • Awesome design / usability
  • The shape of the product looks really good
  • I want to have it right now


  • I can't say anything bad about it

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Thanks a lottt for your appreciation! Cheers:)

This eatigo is an essential app for all the food lovers!


Thanks for your comment! haha yup it is just GREAT!