Enjin Cryptocurrency Wallet - The safest BTH, LTC, ETH & ERC-20 mobile wallet on earth!

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Enjin Cryptocurrency Wallet

The safest BTH, LTC, ETH & ERC-20 mobile wallet on earth!


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Hunter's comment

I LOVE this crypto wallet because:

  • it is the MOST SECURE crypto wallet I have ever known. Its developer built this wallet's foundation on the BEST security architecture available in 2018, making this mobile wallet similar to a hardware wallet!! This is reflected in several features:

A. Enjin Secure Keyboard


Their proprietary keyboard keeps your data in secure and prevents any form of keyloggers. There’re 3 secure options to be chosen from. Also, the order of the numbers and letters is randomized, so you do not need to worry about your input security!

B. Screenshot Protection and ram encryption


Screen shot is prohibited under their secure window layout to make your data safer. But, this is only applicable to Android users. IOS users are allowed to make screenshots. As for memory encryption, any information in the app is encrypted and immediately deleted after processing. How safe!!

C. The rule of 2 encryption


There are 2 independent cryptography layers to protect private data: hardware 256 AES encryption AND software encryption.

  • It STANDS OUT from other crypto wallets such as Blockchain.info because Enjin Wallet supports BTC, ETH, LTC, ENJ and ALL ERC-20 tokens!! More tokens like ETC and DASH will be added soon!


  • You can easily import your other wallets to Enjin Wallet. All major wallets are there!


  • Enjin Wallet supports custom fees and limits. In order to optimise sending, transaction fees are calculated carefully. However, the wallet enables you to decide your own custom fees and limits.





Hunter: @susanlo


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  • I'm so over having a trillion different crypto wallets all over the place... if something bad ever happened to me, they'd be lost forever, this wallet might be the answer!
  • It looks great, simple but comprehensive.
  • Importing other wallet is absolutely huge!
  • All ERC20 tokens is amazing... there are so many apps using their own tokens, and it's amazing that they could all be stored in one place.


  • I'm not sure if I'm cool with iOS being able to make screenshots... wondering if it just can't be solved programmatically.

Thanks for your review :) haha this wallet IS the answer for your coins! I agree that with your point regarding screenshots. Their reason is "iOS OS policy is to allow screenshots by user, so this is permitted on the iOS version." haha maybe they cannot violate the policy of Apple ;p


i cant get it to work with http://deltafork.io/, or its not compatible ?


  • Attractive User Interface
  • The very effective encryption algorithms
  • Keyboard security make it secure avoids all keylogging methods
  • Overall Very secure cryptocurrency wallet

Cool Hunt :D


  • Support fewer cryptocurrencies It should support more then that

Thanks a lot for reviewing this amazing app! haha it's the most secure wallet app I've ever known. As for the tokens it supports, I think the number is large enough, when Blockchain.info supports only 3 XD


  • It is a secure wallet with encryption, secure key board and even screen shot protection.<
  • It support all ERC-20 token and add more in the future.
  • The appearance is so simple and easy to use.


  • IOS not support screenshot protection.

I don't know if they will make IOS version support screenshot protection or not but it's still a good wallet after all.


  • keep your cryptocurrency safety and secure
  • It has very simple and easy to use interface
  • It is highly recommended for everyone, it is really safe and secure


  • It supports very limitedly cryptocurrency. The more the better

Thanks a lot for reviewing it! Haha personally the number of tokens supported is huge already! Blockchain. info only supports 3 tokens ;p

Wow, It looks cool


  • making this mobile wallet similar to a hardware wallet
  • keeps your data in secure and prevents any form of key loggers
  • any information in the app is encrypted and immediately deleted after processing
  • supports BTC, ETH, LTC, ENJ and ALL ERC-20 tokens


  • none for this hunt

Thanks for your hunt.


Thanks for reviewing!

It is really important now a days the safety and security in the world wide web or even outside the web.


  • It is very simple and easy to use interface.
  • It can help you to keep secure of your crypto
  • There is a lot of reason why we need to use this wallet


  • Need to add more features functions

Thanks a lot!!! :)

WOW! PERFECT HUNT @susanlo | Most Secured Wallet That Existing Now.

Note: This is just ”my personal opinion”, not intended to “judge” the reviews you have made.

At least from the above reviews I also agree that Enjin can be one of the best wallets for users who want to get high level of security and comfort.

A basket of features is perfectly implemented, including additional security features (Enjin Secure Keyboard, Screenshot and Ram protection, 2 Encryption processes, etc.). In addition, the displayed UI is also very friendly, so anyone can understand it quickly.

Nothing. Recommended!


Don’t Click Me 😈 Or You Will Regret 😈


Thanks for your review!


easy to use.
good design of the interface.
benefits to new users.
fast speed.

nothing I can see


ready to use.
easy to start with for beginners.
cool design.
high technology .

nothing I see from.

Keep up the hunt!
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Thanks for verifying this! :))

nice wallet, thanks for sharing. will check it out.


Thank you Susan! XD (I feel like I'm thanking myself)

I'm new to this kind of wallet, as i have browse on there site. I have found some positive features which can be useful for users to secure their wallet

Pros :

  • It has been recognized as one of the most secured mobile wallet
  • It does provide some security techniques such as Secure Keyboard and encryption on smartphone
  • A wallet that could easily manage your coins and even has auto calculation towards equivalent value of your local currency
  • It provides more detailed transactions on every coin and tokens
  • It does provide mostly known crypto currencies and supports all ERC-20 tokens.
  • It is a free wallet and does have no advertisements in it

Cons :

  • Still many crypto currency still to be supported

Thanks for your very detailed review!!


thank you for the appreciation. =)

Nice hunt Susan :p


Omg Joyyyyy? Haha didn’t know you’ve got another microblogging account! Thanks a millionnn for your appreciation:))) Cheers!


lol mainly for testing dlive streaming and some dapps.

Interesting! To be honest I just posted a write-up on EIDOO which is why your post got my attention. I have to say just based on the wallet feature, ENJ definitely has the upper hand over EDO but EDO has the additional exchange feature that makes it different from regular mobile wallets not necessarily better overall. I remember when I was trading ENJ because it was a solid undervalued coin. Good post! I recently just started my own coin encyclopedia, visit my blog to check it out if you're interested! Appreciate it!


Haha thanks for your reply! It's my pleasure introducing these cool things to Steemians. EIDOO is great, too:) Sure I'll check it out, cheers!

Security is really important this day in age. Over Andover I’ve been hearing about exchanges being hacked and people losing their coins. Good to see this added layer


Thanks for your comment Jason:) I’m impressed by this wallet’s secure architecture and it’s the safest wallet I’ve ever known. Please do check it out!

Thanks for the info, I was looking for a good and complete mobile wallet. I will test it.


Thanks a lot! I’m really glad you like it :) please do check it out!

Hi~ @susanlo, I really like this mobile wallet. Thanks for the good info. Enjoy SteemHunt~~


Hi @kimsungmin :)) Thanks and you too!


haha thanks!! Right it is the BEST wallet I've ever known!


  • Provides a user-friendly interface to the enduser
  • The wallet has a focus for security for your crypto assets
  • App is available for android and iOS


  • Not all tokens are available yet to store; but they will add more in the future (that's good then..) :D

Thanks for reviewing:) haha yup more are coming!

Congratulations on your verified.
Thank you for sharing.
I believe its good wallet for steemian.

High protection wallet .....nice i ll try thanks


Thanks for your appreciation haha:)


Hahahahaha yup it is! Please do check it out!


yeah will do dat surely!!!


  • It had a user-friendly Interface
  • Not only support ERC-20 Token, popular token (e.g. LTC and BTC) are also supported
  • Very secure, better then many existing wallet

Cons :

  • Not support EOS and Steem yet

Thanks for reviewing! haha more tokens are coming and let's hope they support steem in the near future!


  • This will have a nice impact
  • Good discovery of the product
  • Great opportunity


  • Nothing comes to my mind

Thanks for your review!


  • The product will help people of different groups
  • Many people looking forward for something like this
  • I want to have it right now


  • None

I must say @susanlo you are the business with your app finds and thoughtful detailed reviews.


Thanks a LOT for your application:) I review like 100 apps every time and choose only the coolest at the end! I’m so glad my effort paid out. Thanks for your recognition!

The reason I support this Enjin wallet - because I'm got some Enjin coins and seriously I love their concept very much :D


haha good reason to support this wallet!! ;pp I love their concept too! So secure :)

it is worth checking this out.thanks for the the info.

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Thanks a lot for your appreciation! :)

The Enjin wallet is on my list now. I have used plenty of wallets. My favorites is Coinomi but this seems pretty good.


Haha thanks! Yup it's the best for me :)

Here's my review for this hunt :


  • The Enjin Smart Wallet foundation rests on our top-of-the-line security architecture.
    -It employs innovative security techniques such as the Enjin Secure Keyboard, rule of two encryption and other measures to turn your smartphone into a hardware-like secure wallet.
  • designed for simple & fast coin management
    -it combines a mobile-first approach with a seamless and blazing-fast interface.

Cons :

  • No cons as it is very helpful.

Thanks :)

I was looking for a multi wallet like that, although mobile wallets give me some distrust ... but the information you provide in your post about the security that Enjin Wallet has, seems to make it very reliable. 👍


haha thanks yanes! Maybe you should really check that out ;p


Of course, I'll do it. 😉

It is funny how I was thinking of getting a safe & secure wallet to test out some cryptos while I travel.

I may have to try this.


haha thanks for you comment! :) I'm glad you like it!

Enjin coins is having so much potential - that's why I kept my Enjin coins and never sold it until now


haha thanks for commenting! I am not an expert at Enjin coins, but I know their wallet is great! :)