SnapMusical - Create & Share video stories that syncs with the music

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Create & Share video stories that syncs with the music



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SnapMusical is a free video maker that helps you snap cool short video stories, that are perfectly synced with rhythm of the music or your voice. Make your video look great, beautiful and effective. Create and share amazing videos in under a minute

This is an amazing tool to Create & Share video stories.

Experience a new way to make creative videos, without spending more time and money on editing!

Google Playstore Available.

Beta version available

Easy to use with nice navigation features.



Hunter: @tanuesh

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impressive hunt.

It is available on Google play store.
we can easily create musical stories.
Attached with music easily.
Share easily.



It's a nice system for those who deal with stories and music. You can create and share video stories. You can do this in less than a minute. An incredible hunt.

wow I see this becoming very popular among teens and The videos can be posted across other social media sites depending on the concepts.

Great Hunt

It is great to see an app for creating video stories which syncs with the music. Great way for making creative videos.

Great application, I never find good music for my families movies. I just convert old 8mm movies to numeric, it will be good to put some music on it. Thanks @tanuesh

This is awesome.
I have come across different video makers but reading about SnapMusical makes me to fall in love with it.

Another best way to make fun and creative videos.

Keep hunting

This is cool.
With the help of SnapMusical,one can now put creativity into work while having fun.

Nice hunt

wow great hunting !!! I think this application is very good, with this app I can make videos cooler with just a few minutes, I really like the features that are in it.

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