Plume - Home WiFi that knows what it's doing

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Home WiFi that knows what it's doing



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i'm a sucker for a 360 well thought out products. ..

what do i mean by three sixty, well for me it's the whole deal, the big package, the big cahoonas, cakes with excessive toppings and the kebab shop owner who keeps layering on that dodgy sliced meat on your kebab late after midnight -- you know, the WHOLE NINE YARDS.

plume is a wifi network/router/yada-yada system, you know what i'm about -- one of those fancy dohickys for your home that make the pain of internet connection aound your home go away and instead get replaced with a managed routing system that covers all areas of your house (or at least, expected too)

Plume is always learning about how you use WiFi in your home, so it can allocate more capacity to the devices that need it most

what i love about plume so much is it ticks all the right boxes of what makes me invest time and research into something -- packaging, website, application, design -- cornerstones of what a product to me is, not some generic grey box import that probably has stolen source code from another product that was reversed engineered in a shady lab connected to a laundrette somewhere -- NO NO NO, this is the real deal.

for me the hardware should always just MELT away when i use it and i think they have nailed that part -- for me the best part is the application, oh my lord, that's some sexy UI and layout, perfectionism when it comes to layout can be the make or break for a product and they get so much right! :)

the design is simple, well thought out, gives you full control and makes your understanding of applications and data a breeze even for the complete amateur - you can even time out 'devices' (kids bedroom) for bedtime (perfect!) -- even granular down to access for the cleaner or airbnb staying guests. SO LEGIT.

this is how good every products needs to be to break into a market, dominate a market, providing a wonderful experience that's inclusive and easy to use, if you want a rule of thumb to how to release a product that get's the perfect unison between fashionable, perfectly executed website and delivers in the app department you need to take some ques from plume! :)

P.S -- i still think AmpliFi HD is better hardware thou :)

' OK '

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Pros :

  • Setup has been too easy and superfast
  • It does provide the strongest signal to your home
  • You can even personalized your own WiFi network
  • There would be no worry since it will get regular updates and new features
  • You will never get dull because you will able to stream a 4K movie

Cons :
It's a good application. None i can find.

Here's my review for this hunt :


  • Plume adapts to your space and lifestyle. It’s easy to set up and control, resilient and reliable, beautiful and super fast. Plume means no compromises.
  • Plume fills every inch of your home with strongest possible signal.
  • Personalize who gets on your WiFi network, for how long, and what they can do.
    Cons :
  • No cons as it is very helpful.

Woah I think is the first time I saw a 5/5 review with your own set of review parameters and I strongly agree with you.


  • It is very easy to set up while giving the fastest internet speed possible
  • One thing I really like about it is its ability to timeout specific devices. This is very helpful especially for parents who want to restrict their children from using the internet at some specific times


  • Definitely no cons for this one.

Keep up the hunt!
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Pros :

  • Amazing sleek and elegant design
  • You can customize it to who all can use the wifi
  • It analyzes the devices that are connected to it and prioritizes the device that needs higher need of data

Cons :

  • The device is expensive


  • Awesome design / usability
  • I would enjoy to have this at home :D
  • Great overall look and feel


  • Nothing comes to my mind


  • I would enjoy to have this at home :D
  • The product will help people of different groups
  • The idea behind this is really well spend time


  • I can't say anything bad about it


  • Such a very great good looking design for a WiFi device.
  • Smart WiFi that analyzes the devices that are connected to it and best thing to hear is that it prioritizes the device that needs higher allocation of connection/data. I would definitely want to have this in my household, for I'm the one who uses the WiFi more often. And would recommend this to fellow Steemians who are full time since they can have a good connectivity experience to the web thanks to this device.


  • Nothing bad for this wifi device.

Very great product hunt man @teamhumble.

You had me at “extra layers of dodgy sliced meat.” Being in China it has be painful, and I mean painful using the internet. Going from South Korea( worlds fastest internet) to the great firewall of China, to say that it has been a challenge would be an understatement. This sounds like something I really need


oh man that's rough. i can well imagine.

WOAAA GREAT HUNT! @teamhumble | Next Gen Wi-Fi Router

Note: This is just ”my personal opinion”, not intended to “judge” the reviews you have made.

By The Way, I love how @thehumble likens how great "Plume" is. This is like a miracle that is very needed by the people of the house.

Reach is no longer a problem !. with "Plume" all corners reachable, although you do not have to install Wi-Fi Router on high ground, and this really makes installing easier.

There seems to be no shortage to mention here. Prices are still affordable making this tool really recommended. The 360 degree reach makes this tool cool.


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This hunt was basically awesome, it will prioritize a device that barely needed it most.

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