IQ Test - Logical Verbal Reasoning IQ Test 2021

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IQ Test

Logical Verbal Reasoning IQ Test 2021



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Logical Verbal Reasoning IQ Test - is a comprehensive IQ testing package by MountainPark™. We at MountainPark™ recognize different types of intelligence, and that's why this IQ Test is not the conventional type of IQ Test where the user is assessed based on recognizing shapes and patterns.


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IQ Test seems like a nice app to me and its pretty good.

Reasoning IQ Test could be a good activity for mind.

IQ Test helpful playstore application. Thanks for sharing hunt.

Seems a nice platform for students to increase their IQ level by solving this type of logica questions

Very nice app..... The question are quite difficult...and the time pressure make the quiz more challenging the only problame is that ....questions are often repeated when you take many tests in a single seaaion......

Awesome thank you so much for sharing this hunt with us. Have a good day

Great hunt dear friend
This is really useful application for the students through which they can learn verbal reasoning questions.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Only just started using it so will see how it goes, but I love howit breaks down the IQ into logical reasoning ,linguistics,etc. Really great and not like the other generic IQ test as it involves answering a range of questions.

it's a really simple app to use.This is amazing and incredible app.I like it so much.Everyday I play this game around 3-4 hour apart from using social media.

IQ test is the best won't regret it after downloading.I am given questions again and again ,some of them repet allowing me measure my intelligence overtime

I always love to solve puzzle to test my IQ. It is english verbal which is like icing on cake... thanks for sharing ...
keep hunting...

As a person who does have high IQ as per some tests, I would like to present you this article from one of my favorite authors.

IQ Test This is a verbal reasoning IQ test. Different intelligence tests are done in it. best hunt.


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I like reasoning and thanks for this app.. Great hunt for me.

Wow! What a great app you have searched. With this we can have the IQ test and can mark them. Great Hunt!