Aion legions of war - Fight your way to the very top


Aion legions of war

Fight your way to the very top



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Aion legions of war sees you pick up the mantle as you embark on a journey to unravel the secrets behind the war that torn the universe of Aion apart. Do you have what it takes to get this quest done, if yes, come on board and show what you got.

100+ heroes to discover and collect - armored warriors, fearsome beasts, colossal cyborgs, and many more.
Assemble different hero combos to build an invincible Legion that can conquer any enemy.
Harness the power of Awakening to unleash impressive hero transformations and hidden abilities, build teams based on affinity to gain the advantage
Enhance your heroes with a plethora of equipments, such as legendary weapons, armor and accessories, to create undefeatable champions.
game features gotten here

Aion legions of war official game trailer


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What a great and amazing hunt. I m also big fan of battle game and playing many battle games in mu life. This game looks also very interesting. I am this game soon as soon. Graphics and sound is very cool. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

I always like to play battle and adventure game.hope this game graphics,sound and others quality is well .as soon as I will check this. Thanks for share.

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