Champions manager mobasaka - build the strongest team in the world as you aim for glory

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Champions manager mobasaka

build the strongest team in the world as you aim for glory



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Hunter's comment

Enjoy Champions Manager football game as it offers more than over 2000 licensed players with the massive support from Bayern Munich and Real Madrid. For you to dominate the entire word, you have to make sure you create your own stadium, team and make high class players signing like Cristiano Ronaldo, Lewadoski,Lionel Messi, Luis Suarez, Benzema, Sergio Ramos e.t.c. You surely going to face strict competition from other team.

Champions Manager game trailer



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  • Build your team and sign world class players.
  • Progress from minnow to major league.
  • Build your own game pattern.
  • Experience the best moment from higher clubs like Real Madrid, Bayern, Barcelona e.t.c.


  • Update date: September 6th, 2018.
  • Developers: Hoolai Game Ltd
  • game size: 94.45 MB
  • version: 1.0.83



Hunter: @tfame3865

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  ·  2년 전

Am into a lot of game that has to do with team management and it’s really cool to see this particular one. Sounds great

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My children are fans, one from Real Madrid and the other from Barcelona; This game would undoubtedly be an adventure for them and a great way to demoralize their qualities in the field, their favorite and most successful players. Is incredible.

It is a football manager game with avarage graphic level. A game with many combinations. Create your own stadium and create your own team. The number of players is unbelievable. Over 2000 licensed players are available

I like all soccer games and also manager games. Sure I will play Champions manager mobasaka. Thanks for sharing.

I am ready to build the strongest team in the world. Sure I will play Champions Manager Mobasaka. Perfect hunt.

I'm a huge fan of football manager games and this one looks pretty cool to check out. I'm adding this to my next download session. Awesome hunt.

Great hunt my friend!I play manager games since i was kid and this is very good!Keep good hunting!

I love games that involves ons strategizing and it cool I just found one keep me busy again. .. Great hunt

This is some mind blowing football game there. And the video there looks quite thrilling. Great hunt as usual

Cool game here love for football and now the joy of being in charge is another stuff .. Great hunt here again

Wow this thing is so awesome!!!!!!
I love football game. its so great. But this game is on different level!!!!!!!
amazing hunt!

Amazing Game @tfame3865. I like this types of games. I want to play this game with my younger brother. I wait for your nexrt gret hunt.

Football games are my favorites, I haven't had experienced Manager one yet, sure i will check this one. Perfect hunt.

Another great game about the best sport in the world: FOOTBALL!!! I particularly love the games in which you play the role of manager. This one, besides looking very entertaining, has excellent graphics. Great hunt!

Thanks for share this hunt!

Love this soccer game much. But energy takes long time to recover and full. Please make it shorter.


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