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Spin rhythm XD

Enjoy the best sound experience



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Hunter's comment

If you are a lover of rhythm, then this game called spin is for you. In this ryhthm game, ypu have to spin, flick and tap to.match those colourful beat coming towards you. You might thing it is easy, but not that easy as it has 4 Amazing levels.

TAKE CONTROL. Spin, flick and tap to match colours and beats. Spin Rhythm's smooth controls work seamlessly across multiple devices including mouse and keyboard, gamepads and even real MIDI DJ turntables.
MASTER. Precise, hand-made levels across 4 difficulties (with one final extra hard difficulty level coming during Early Access).
MUSIC. Over 30 licensed tracks (with 18 currently available) of the juiciest beats in the known universe from Nitro Fun, Hyper Potions, Subtact, Panda Eyes, Teminite, Anomalie, etc
game features gotten here

Spin rhythm XD official game trailer




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