Tower 57 - Your arsenal will determine the battle field

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Tower 57

Your arsenal will determine the battle field



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Hunter's comment

In this retro game, you have to make sure you fight your way across the dieselpunk megatower inorder for you to discover the hidden secret within. While trying to acheive this, you have to make sure you build your power house.

Choose from a roster of six particular characters with different skillsets, number of upgradable weapons and gadgets. And if you happen to lose an arm or leg during your mission - you can always replace it.
Smash them, crash them and destroy everything. Reload. Repeat. Because everyone likes when things go BOOM.
Each enemy features its own distinct spawning mechanism, movement & attack patterns, as well as some weaknesses. And you'd better learn those vulnerabilities if you don't want to end up dead very quick.
game features gotten here

Tower 57 official game trailer


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Looks like a great little indie game really loved the theme and art style of the game & gameplay too in addition the music and sound effects are crisp and clean, and the audio levels are all fabulous. Excellent Hunt

Great Hunt

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

OMG, YOu came back again with another Strategic based game and I hope it would be enjoyable and help us to increase our strategic power. Graphics and UI seem awesome.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)


I tend to favor the retro games. This looks like a good one. Great Hunt!


I tend to favor
The retro games. This looks like
A good one. Great Hunt!

                 - rangertx

I'm a bot. I detect haiku.

Games, i really like this word im die hard fan of action games this game also look like amazing. I will Check it and share my experience

Great gameplay with nice graphics and a little bit addiction. Super game from developers, super hunt from you

this looks cool game as we need to play defensive aswell as offensive at the same time ... Build battle field to get success ❤️

Great hunt dear friend
I love to play battle games and this one looks awesome. It will be really fun to play this arsenal game. I will try this soon.
Thanks for sharing with us.

Hello dear friends!
Tower57 is a wonderful shoot base game campaign designed for both single player and online multiplayer in which we have to shoot everything's surviving our self. It's notch quality is better that is why its interface give attractive look. I think this is not a boring game you will full enjoy when you play it. Impressive search for game lovers.


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