KwikFold Quick Folding Bike - world fastest folding bike

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KwikFold Quick Folding Bike

world fastest folding bike





Hunter's comment

how hectic is to find and keep parking spots for bikes right?

especially for university students who are always in a bit of hurry ... hehe..

kwikfold have been making bikes to solve this particular problem, they are based out of uk and they have always thrived to make commuting more convenient by making a wide range of ultra-quick folding bikes

guess what , they come in both electric and non-electric varients. weights about 12 kgs and is ideal for commute and storage purpose.

charges in 4 hours which gives about 30 miles of runtime.

These guys got a lot of appreciation at the london bike show and they claim to have built worlds fastest folding bike , folds in a second ....

seriously, this is innovative design thinking and a burning desire to solve a problem.



Hunter: @theversatileguy

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  • the quality of the bike is very simple from the others

  • amazing speed with speed that is very helpful for the user

  • we can take it anywhere without making us annoyed


  • in a less attractive shape

  • need a strong force for the paddle

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