Pillsy - Never Forget A Pill Again,A Smart Pill Bottle for loved Ones

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Never Forget A Pill Again,A Smart Pill Bottle for loved Ones



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how many times have you seen your parents grumble about how they forget to take their medicine on time?

I am sure that you have come across such instances so many times, but the point is are we doing anything to solve this problem?

Well with the advent of the internet of things, there is no exclusion to a pillbox. what if we make our pill boxes smart so that they could remind us to take right pills at the right time?

Can we build a smart tracker and put this data on the cloud so that it can be accessed by our loved ones over the cloud.

can we build a smart Pillbox ?

well, definitely it is not rocket science and people at pillsy have developed a smart pill bottle.

Pillsy is Like having a digital assistant for your pills.

they have two variants which are made for different purposes

1.Smart vitamin bottle

2.Smart Medication Bottle

Smart reminders, easy setup, No more worries!

I never knew that such pill bottles existed, I also love the fact that they can be brought immediately from Amazon , no funding, no kickstarting.

But I do think that such an idea can be expanded to a pillbox , just like a first aid kit which can handle many more pills and tablets.

I am sure this makes a good gift for your parents, especially at special occasions like mothers and fathers day !




Hunter: @theversatileguy


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  • Easy Configuration.
  • Smart reminders.
  • Battery life of one year.
  • Resistant to children.
  • Bluetooth 4.0


  • Very expensive.

Keep up the hunt!
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Great hunt @theversatileguy!

I like this pill bottle and the notifications you get so you won't forget to take your pills, some people might get some serious problems if they forget about the pills, and a nice feature is the double dose alarm, so you won't take the pills twice.


I appreciate your response man

Nice hunt @theversatileguy

A very useful product for busy workers and forgetfuls. It is always useful to schedule important things.

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