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Ruler App

The best ruler app for free



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In a bit of hurry, cant find your ruler or measuring tape?

well, how cool it would be to use your smartphone as ruler.

you have to put the object on screen whose length is to be found, then use the ruler on the screen to measure.

the ruler comes in various units of length and adapts very well to most of the screen sizes.

the app is light and colourfull with only 1.5 mb.



Hunter: @theversatileguy

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  • very useful app to measure with phone
  • no need to bring and use a physical ruler


  • may not very accurate

Haha that’s really useful! It sucks when you need a ruler but you cant find one LOLL Last time I used my hand to measure hahahha


Yeah i feel you ... ☺


  • lets you measure things without using a physical ruler
  • avoids bringing bulky rulers
  • easy to use and convert
    -can get a screenshot

There might be some errors.

This is my opinion about your hunt


  • Simple but very useful app, besides its size which is only 1.5 mb make this app will not give burden to our smartphone. Indeed sometimes we forget the little things. But this APP Ruler makes little things extraordinary.


  • Contains ads

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