Tennibot Robot - Tennibot: Robotic Tennis Ball Collector

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Tennibot Robot

Tennibot: Robotic Tennis Ball Collector





Hunter's comment

I am not a huge tennis person but know for a fact how people sigh and ramble when there is a short stature person coming down running on the court and collecting all the tennis balls that have hit the net.

But no more folks, the tennibot is here, it is a smart tennis accessory bot which picks up leftover tennis balls for you, which allows you to focus on your skills rather than picking up balls, I mean tennis balls hehe , after all, it is a tedious task right ?

some features :

  • it can navigate on the court autonomously.

  • it collects upto 80 tennis balls

  • works on both clay and hard courts.

This is best autonomous bot i have seen after smart vaccum cleaners




Hunter: @theversatileguy


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