GRiN - Electronic transactions for all with no restrictions

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Electronic transactions for all with no restrictions



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GRiN is a decentralized network aiming to serve as digital cash without censorship or restrictions.

GRiN is built using the Mimblewimble chain implementation with high scalability in mind.

GRiN has 5 principles

  1. Open: No company or foundation, no ICO, pre-mine or dev fees
  2. Private: Transactions have no amount or addresses
  3. Scalable: Past transactional data can be pruned, making this blockchain much lighter than others
  4. Simple: Minimal implementation for easier maintenance over time
  5. Proven: Mimblewimble only relies on strong Elliptic Curve cryptography which has been tried and tested for decades.

We envision a future where the Grin blockchain can function as a lightweight medium for quick and easy transactions between parties, allowing increased decentralization, privacy, and freedom of choice for all. This is a lofty and worthwhile goal, and should be of interest to all proponents of decentralization and freedom.


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