Scanner App - Fast scanner in your pocket

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Scanner App

Fast scanner in your pocket



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Scanner App turns your phone into a powerful scanner. Scan anything including documents, paper notes, receipts, and books into clear & sharp PDFs and images. Convert images into text with OCR technology and export them to high-quality PDF files.


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A good app to scan your documents in urgent on your phone and make a pdf file of it.

Very cool and fast scanner app in our pocket.

This scanner app is only for iOS users but this seems good for them. This app is really great for scanning any document.

Great hunt dear friend
This is really useful application through which we can scan our documents in a easier way.
Thanks for sharing with us.

This scanner app is very useful and simple, being able to scan documents and procedures wherever you want speeds up your life and makes it less complicated, great hunting

Instead of visiting a Cafe to scan documents, this is fast avenue, I must admit
Thanks for sharing this hunt

Incredible app, without a doubt it will be very helpful. great hunt

A very useful tool, having a scanner on our phone, with all these options will be very useful for daily life, we can do it from anywhere. It will certainly be of great help. Thanks for sharing it with us. excellent hunting

Scanner App is one more example of the iPhone dematerializing a utility, with a versatile scanning resource.
Interesting Hunt. @tikkik
Thank you!

thank you very much for sharing the app, have a nice day


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