PD4-AW2 Basic Drone - If you are looking for a small but water resistant

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PD4-AW2 Basic Drone

If you are looking for a small but water resistant



Hunter's comment

It is water resistance drones.

  • Distance Between Motors 1,060 mm / 41.7 inch
  • It is Overall Height 350 mm / 13.8 inch.
  • Weight is 4 kg / 8.8 lb
  • Diameter of Propeller 432.6 mm / 17 inch
  • Flight Duration 20 min




Hunter: @tornad


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can you update the title to say 'PD4-AW2 Basic Drone' please. thank you.


Done, Please check it

This drone is great being able to go 98 feet.
The VR googles are a nice option.
This could be a great help in gold dredging businesses.

Hi, @tornad, Impressive Hunt.
Here is my opinion about your product.


  • It looks like a nice drone with an HD camera.
  • The thing i like about this drone is that it has compact size with foldable arms.
  • It comes with landing stand therefore users can land it securely on almost all terrains.
  • It also has removable blade protectors.


  • There is nothing negative to say about this product overall a unique and useful drone.

That big drone, that is resistant to water, so it will not be damaged in a rainy weather. fantastic and cool

This is a cool product but little description

Got me clicking d link.... Nice one

Nice hunt but you need to add some description about the product. what is the specialty of this product

I think if you add a harpoon and go ...
We would have the best fisher drone.
Nice hunt, I like your product
Thank for sharing

thanks for the changes. verified.

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Power Ray is a smart drone. Everybody wants to discover something new with more adventure for this it is the perfect things. It is great hunt.

yeah, I am waiting for the description as well, since I am interested in this.


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Wow ... so cool. I want one

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Really cool drone, sadly this was already posted.