Hyperfundit - A kickstarter-like funding/investment platform for Steem

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A kickstarter-like funding/investment platform for Steem





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Holy Moley! This is an incredibly flesh-out project.... look at the detail in all the posts by @hyperfundit.com!

This kickstarter-like project is incredible! They've worked out details for your project phases, and includes fund-sharing for influencers (steemians who can advertise for your project for you). This is amazing!

I literally can't write enough to cover everything about this... I strongly suggest you check out all their links... there are multiple steem accounts to cover all their processes. Maybe the @steemhunt boys can start up a new project for their next SMT phase?




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+1 for their brilliant hack making their prototype on a Steemit post 👍🏻


Yes thank you! I'm happy you appreciate that! I put a lot of thought into this decision :)

Hi @urbangladiator! Thank you so much for recognizing our work and writing a post on it! You have no idea how much your support means to us (Rob and I)! :)

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Great Job guys. Keep it up.