Spot - The virtual hub for your organization

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The virtual hub for your organization



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Spot is a virtual office loaded with the collaboration and communication functionality a high-performing team needs: voice and video, screen-sharing, and chat all at the team's fingertips.


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A great fun way to have meetings almost like playing a game of sims but of course not as fun, but there is alot of customization that can be done and some cool ways to share content during meetings and interacting, I also found it real easy as it can be excessed right from your browser.

Undoubtedly in these times of pandemic Spot is the perfect way to avoid having to go to the office in person, we can totally handle business meetings virtually. It gives us all the tools to make the meetings very interactive. Thank you for sharing it with us. excellent hunting

Hub is really important for the organisation so that all sort of data can be centralised from a source and organisations employees can be connected to it. useful hunting.

This is a great virtual office. It has many kinds of practical functions that we can take advantage of. excellent hunting

Virtual hub is all that is needed to raise commitment in the office settings. Nice hunt. Thanks for sharing.