Code Cards - A card game that teaches you how to code


Code Cards

A card game that teaches you how to code



Hunter's comment

Code Cards is a card game that helps you teach about coding. This is the great way to get started and learn to basic in coding and logic while having fun on this game card.
I am presenting to you a smart way to learn how to coding with a different way #CodeCards.

Every Code Cards Pack includes 4 decks of 53 unique cards, instructions and its custom Code Cards tuck box. All cards are made from top 300gsm smooth card stock from France and contain a blue core centre for minimum transparency. Made by the same guys that manufacture UNO!


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This is a great way to learn coding while doing fun. These cards helps to learn 4 different coding languages like Html, Css, javascript and Ruby & Rails. awesome hunt

Wow sach a nice game from this game we car learn coding great application to learn something new..

  ·  작년

I think this is interesting! A code card game that teaches people about coding sound awesome! With this, people can learn that basic of coding while at the same time have fun playing the card game.

  ·  작년

You don't really need to go in long way to teach coding. Having fun and same time learning is a interesting one.

Thanks for sharing this


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such a great app thanks u