MealPrepPro - Healthy meal plans, tailored to your calories & macros



Healthy meal plans, tailored to your calories & macros



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MealPrepPro is an application that makes weekly meal prep easier based on the desire to gain weight or maintaining your muscle. For the people who working out, you need this application to maintain your muscle and you have a lot of choices to you & your partner's calories / macroscan.

Get a healthy weekly meal plan tailored to your calories & macros. No more calorie counting, just delicious practical recipes that help you reach your fitness goals. Now with keto, vegetarian, pescatarian & plant-based plans.


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This is cool app indeed. CZ from this we get a better meal plan which helps us to keep the body fit.
Excellent hunt @venice24

  ·  작년

Cool Hunt !

Hello, I really appreciate your effort & Here is my opinion-

Well, Having a good Meal is really important and the meal must have enough proteins and carbs to feed our body and mind. This application is a good choice to prepare a healthy meal.

Thank You & Happy Hunting :-)

It is not only necessary for those who are maintaining their muscles or gaining weight. alot but also a common person who always want to be healthy and fit should hAve plane for his
diet.this diet plane can help any one to have best results for it's workout.

great app. most days i don't know what to eat because i am not sure whether i want to gain weight or lose weight. with this app, i can gain or lose weight as and when i want. gain weight - two scoops of ice cream with whipped cream, lose weight - two scoops of ice and whip.

While seems like a perfect way for people in need of diet or a perfect meal plan. While in the past of couple of days things have been not going according to plan this could be the solution for myself as well lol jk. Nice hunt.

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Indeed for a perfect meal plan, this works awesome because a good meal plan can improve and fulfill all calories which are needed for our body.

Very nice app, it provides delicious recipes according to your diet and keep you healthy and fit. It also save your money by preparing the recipe at home. nice hunt

for people who want to get "perfect" body, need to try this platform.

This is nice app as though this I can track my diet. I think this is nice way to stay fit and even those who wants to loose weight can use it maintain their balanced diet. nice one

I want to start working out now. I'm not fat neither am I trying to lose any weight. I just want to stay fit. I've heard there are foods to eat and avoid when keeping fit. I guess I'll use this app for that. Thanks. Nice hunt!

Great hunt @venice24! This hunt has been verified and approved by the Steemhunt Moderation Team. Great job! Happy hunting.

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Hi greetings

cool application for fitness freak people. Our life is revolving around our health cooking and sleeping i guess so such kind od apps sure gets more attention have a nice dau :smiles:

Certainly a helpful tool for lazy people like myself. I like how it's tailored to the calories.


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Thanks for the kind comments all and for hunting our app @venice24. I'm part of the MealPrepPro development team - so happy to answer any questions whatsoever (technical or dietary).

All new users can benefit from a free 7 day trial. So if any of you are sitting on the fence and considering giving our meal plans a go, by all means go ahead @karamyog, @afolwalex, @joythewanderer! We now have support for allergies, keto, vegan, veggies & more. What’s unique about MealPrepPro is that the recipes adjust to your individual goals - not the other way around. Swap in and out meals, as much as you like 👍