UpLamp - Turning your smartphone into a smart lamp



Turning your smartphone into a smart lamp



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UpLamp is a smartphone-driven bedside LED lamp that uses your phones flash to glow the light. This is very helpful in home especially in bed time mood. This tool is compatible only with specific iPhone models and Samsung's Galaxy.

Some of these feature UpLamp provides are:

  • Using the smartphone's set of sensors to allow gestures which control the app and lamp.
  • Removing unnecessary cable cluster next to your bed.
    ?- Driven by an app, and therefore it can easily and quickly >update to keep up with the latest technology.
  • And most importantly, it functions as a perfect bed side lamp




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Here is your community manager. Unfortunately the kickstarter for your hunt had been not successful and is therefore delisted.

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  ·  작년

Nice Idea that use your phone to light up your room and Control it with hand gestures...
But as I explore the link you shared
I found that the kickstarter project in 2016 was unsuccessful

Your hunt is now verified.

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@bitrocker2020 what's the matter ? why it delist ? you verified it right ?

Wow Cool Hunt Dear !!
Up Lamp looks like awesome Technology driven by smartphone LED Lamp. This LED Lamp uses Phones Flash to Glow Light. It looks really good because it is driven by an app, so it is very easy according to the Latest Technology.
It works as a Bed side Lamp. So this hunt is really Interesting !!
Thanks for SHARING !!

wow, i love this, it is very useful especially in the night as it glows and make the room beautiful and you will even be able to sleep well

Superb to see this type of technology from our cell phone we can make a led lamp good to have this type of smart technologies to make people smart great hunt by @venice24... Thank you friends have a great day ahead..