Oax foundation - created to explore the future of decentralized exchanges

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Oax foundation

created to explore the future of decentralized exchanges



Hunter's comment

Hello brothers and sisters this is trustlessness, strong & Openness governance are oax foundations and that will enable currencies to flourish in today’s regulated and highly complex financial world. So guys you must check it out.




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seems pretty cool but will look into it in more details since the described description is not telling much about it

This looks very different and alternative and I think we must take a look and use it . Easy to use with very friendly interface. Great hunt my friend, upvote from me

SAdly in some country crypto is ban, they can only use the exchanges which have no KyC requirment, with the help of OAX foundation they can get the information about the every new and upcoming exchanges.

Decentralized exchanges are the future and they only will be able to handle the huge trading volume that we will get in the future. Nice hunt

The oax foundation is an excellent resource for information pertaining to decentralized exchanges. It can help bring understanding and adoption to the crypto community

The biggest risk is holding your Cryptocurrency on centralised exchange because no one knows when the get hacked. I'm one of the victim of cryptopia hack till now nothing is done by the exchange. This project can help to grow decentralised exchanges so we can trade safely and have own control on our assets.

Since crypto currencies have a decentralized structure, many famous crypto currency investors are in favor of trading with a decentralized stock exchange instead of trading from crypto money exchanges managed by individuals and groups. Therefore, it may be a high volatility stock market in the future.

It's a nice idea, but the main reason decentralised exchanges (DEX's) have not taken off is that a) there are too many and b) they don't market themselves, which results in c) very few people use them and they have very poor liquidity as a result.

Great idea to make crypto more popular. Hopeful it will helpful to grow crypto currency and will bring masses on blockchain. Nice hunt.


  • Decentralized product.
  • explore the exchange information.
  • easy to use.
  • Make you understand the crypto world easy.


  • non

I never heard about this platform before but it seems a good thing in the space of Cryptocurrency that will Promote Decentralization.

I can imagine the algorithm behind the project that enable currencies to flourish in today’s regulated and highly complex financial world. Great hunt


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