Vexanium - first Indonesia public blockchain

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first Indonesia public blockchain


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This is working for mass adoption in blockchain. It is from Indonesia. It is main aim is support decentralized applications. it has Anti-theft and Freezing Features. For more detailed information you must watch this youtube video first. Thank you.


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Im seeing many projects which claims for mass adoption but very few earned this. nice one if they make first one

Anti-theft and freezing features are indeed cool and we need more and more decentralized supportive projects so it's really good to see that cool finding thanks for sharing

There exist several blockchain enthusiasts from Indonesia and the development of a public blockchain is a good direction towards mass adoption of the technology. This is a nice hunt

Vexanium will be a great source to making blockchain technology popular in Indonesia. It will attract masses on blockchain technology. Nice hunt

Wao Indonesians into blockchain tech. I wonder what this might bring ???
Nice Hunt

It's great to be both decentralized and a blockchain technology that people in the country can use safely.

  • Vexanium does not charge transaction fees such as most platforms which usually require transaction fees in every transaction made by users

Glad to see Indonesia has also showed their interest in the blockchain technology by building their first ever blockchain, which will support decentralized apps.

Welcome to Indonesia Indonesia for entering this updated technology of blockchain. Very good initiative by a a huge population country. Blockchain will be the next generation application. So nicely created YouTube video and very good hunting as well. Thanks


  • Support decenterlized applications.
  • First ever blockchain.
  • SEcured
  • anti theft and freezing feature.


  • non

A good step for the people of indonesia placing their faith in blockchain and veanium is just one.. that is awesome support decentralized applications

Wow, in fact this is a very good news, to support companies in Indonesia, advancement of blockchain technology and large scale adoption. Here is a good platform to create smart contracts. Great search

WOW ! Really good news to see countries are stepping forward and placing their faith in blockchain and veanium is just one. This is basically created for deploying DAPPS and creating smart contracts . It uses c++ programming lang. It is completely fee-less .

Great news for the advancement and adoption of the blockchain technology, a huge platform to support on blockchain companies in Indonesia to build dapp and develop smart contracts.

Great Hunt! Sounds working that now different countries are supporting the mass adoption of blockchain technology to make to more secure and trustable, however, the feature is awesome which provide full security nice hunting

Best of luck at this try from Greece, I will check it often and hope for this project success. Upvote ffom me

It is good good news for Indonesia and thank you very much for sharing with us


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I am happy to see that Blockchain becomes more popular everyday. For sure Vexanium will be a great platform for Indonesia. Thanks for sharing.

I wish to see many countries adopting blockchain and enter in the world of crypto then we can see lots happening in crypto and it will lead to mass adoption.

Good to see more countries are steeping into Blockchain world. I think Blockchain technology is the second giant like internet in this tech world

good to know that there is something new in form of blockchain launched in Indonesia. great hunt