SMARTLENS - Recognises images on ios devices

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Recognises images on ios devices



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Hunter's comment

This is another wonderful application for iOS devices that recognises almost all the things it captures on the device
. this application is able to capture and it will automatically tell you the details of what was captured on the phones camera... So if you will love to get more details of the objects around you then you need to get this on your IPS device and try it out .. Maybe that plant in which you don't know the name or even insect, all you need to do it to capture it with this application on your device and boom!! You get the name and other details of the objects ..
So I know you also will want to try this out and recommend as well for your friends
Below are some details about the application:

  • It is free for the first one month
  • size is 372mb
  • requires iOS 11.2 or later
  • it is very easy to use



Hunter: @wealthinme

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whoa. that's kinda crazy. what about when these get hacked it and it tells us to eat things we should not! dangerous world of hacking AI!

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