Aimicat - The Automatic Kitty Litter Cleaning Companion

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The Automatic Kitty Litter Cleaning Companion



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Aimicat is a smart automatic kitty litter cleaner. It is smart thanks to IR sensor and is a odorless and soundless.



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Wow this one seems pretty impressive I see more and more products like this but the "Aimicat" seems like one of the better ones, I like its design even if some say it reminds them of a cement machine still if your a multiple cat owner this caters for that type of usage plus it will save you money in the long run, their marketing also is also entertaining.

This could be the best place for cats to live in home, and you don't need to worry about the smell and cleanses of your home.

Great product for cats lover. It will ease their life and help to make home environment odorless.

we are dying to serve them...cats are mastering humans...

It's amazing and different hunt about care for pet's. Aimicat is useful box that provides fresh environment in home.

Aimicat is a smart and beautiful litter box that provides a perfect solution to keep your home environment smell free and your cat gonna love it.

What a great and amazing hunt. I totally appreciate your effort you can find best product for our pets. It's sensor system is also very valuable. Really very cool hunt. Thanks for sharing.

many of my friends are having cats and they are always pampering them from mess let me share it with them so they could get some help out of it

I really like this and I wanna try it for my cat , thanks for sharing and I will come back with feedback when I use it

Very nice hunt to deal with 🐈 potty and urine

WOW. its odurless and soundless. Now it will be be appreciated and comfortable to cleanse the yard and home. Nice

What a shitty innovation ........helping humans to manage messy job of other species! Pet lovers will love it. But I dunno about cats.

Wow! What a great product you have searched. I have seen many types of products like this that is made for kitties. Also the design is so good. Great Hunt!

we all want to have persian cats but the problem mostly arises they arent trained for lit so that can solve our biggest problem i hope so

Its like a nice and trendy house for pets like cats. Design is also good.

Innovative products for pets and this is very good. Very nice hunt. # Cool hunt


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