Marble Skies - A paced 3D-platformer where you control your marble

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Marble Skies

A paced 3D-platformer where you control your marble


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Hunter's comment

Fellow hunters, I'm here to present Marble Skies which will makes my day on

Marble Skies happens to be a fast paced 3D-platformer where you can control your marble in various levels and try to get the best time for each one. You can Complete all the levels base on your own time, or you can also put your friend into challenge so as to top the leaderboards! This is Inspired by nostalgia, Marble Madness including Marble Blast, creating more features in the future over the traditional marble rolling/platforming style of game-play is paramont After its been released, and along with the game, and 60 levels of various difficulty, also we as well plan to update weekly with new levels, and others cool features.

...Will still come back to feature more games on the steemit Blockchain.



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Very nice platform. People can be able control marble with the helping this platform. Hopefully it help a lot.

Got to love these type of games Marble Skies comes after Marble Blast and another great game like this is also super monkey ball. In this game you control a marble in various floating levels where the objective is mostly to navigate your way to the end without falling off the edge.

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its interesting adventure. especially when i see the platform need a lot of efforts to do.

Excellent and entertaining game. In what you put to test your mental agility and visual speed. Perfect for playing in family and let rest the war and violent games. I like this hunt.

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