Maxthon Cloud Browser - Internet browser for share and send file

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Maxthon Cloud Browser

Internet browser for share and send file



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Hunter's comment

Im back from my break on this platform and I believe everyone r doing great here. Today, I'm going o feature a web browser called Maxthon Cloud Browser. This browser has several built-in cool features which provide helpful utilities or enhancements. One of this features is “Reader Mode”, that can help to figure out what the main article you’re trying to read is, and then, it will display it without ads and pop-ups, and also more other distractions. I think this is cool enough 😎 Also, the screen capture feature, that can help to have a shot of the whole page or you can even select some part or region you wish to shot.

Check it out over there on either playstore or other stores.


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Sorry this is already listed. So I have delisted it. Thanks

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