ArcBotics Robotics Hexapod Kit - 6-legged armable robot

3년 전

ArcBotics Robotics Hexapod Kit

6-legged armable robot



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Hunter's comment

When it comes to incredible robot weapons, these are the best products, the hexapod of ArcBotics is a fully articulated hexapod robot kit.

It has several easy to assemble parts, with its 6 legs, you can move comfortably; They are very useful above all for the kids at home, since with the tutorials and documentation, they can put them together, and develop skills in this area.

They are very intelligent for their great hardware and open source software, for greater abilities. They are very nice and fun, for the whole family. With an incredible design and structure.



Hunter: @zeusfrank

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  ·  3년 전

It will be awesome to actually see a child manipulate this awesome robot with 6 legs will enhance their creativity


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This is a great hunt here.Kids can improve on their intelligence by assembling this robots themselves.

  ·  3년 전

A robot spider for children, I really like its design and its color, it looks like some robots that I have seen fighting in a TV show, even if it was not used for those purposes.

Great family project to build and program a robot. Children and parents will learn so much.
At $250 I don't thinkmits unreasonably priced too!
Treat fun and educational, whats not to like?


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