B'safe - to wear over clothes

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to wear over clothes



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When it comes to personal protection, using means of transport like bicycles, your best option is B'safe, a super vest that works as a portable airbag.

It has a sensor that is installed in the bicycle chair, it is a way to protect users in any accident.

It is a vest, reliable, comfortable and will always protect you.




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Nice Hunt. I think it's especially great for kids and hope they'd make smaller version of the product. I like the smart accident detection system. But it does not protect your arms or legs and certainly not your head. But some protection is better than nothing. It's lightweight and easy to get into. They have already done 74 crash tests and has a 60ms detection time. Let's hope it'll be in the market soon.

Looks like a life jacket for boating.


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B'safe is a wearable air bag. Made for people who use bicycles. A problem instantly informs you. Even if you do crash, it will swell like air cushion without falling to the ground and it will not hurt when you fall to the ground. Easy to use and reliable.

Accidents can sometimes cause serious damage to people. Even a bicycle accident suffices to hurt people. This wearable vest serves as an air bag.

I guess this will be useful not only for people using bicycle, but for people driving using a motorcycle too.
If they can improve the protection in the future(like adding bulletproof protection), that will be more awesome.

this is so useful for bikers or rider safety and it is looking good when in normal. cheers for the hunt

When we ride, we have no security and sometimes we can't see the pits, so we fall to the ground. A great product to protect us as we fall to the ground.

Best product for cycling user . When we wear this jacket you can't injure during accident . Its save and easy to wear on the cloth

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I think In some areas we have people riding almost everyday without protection. I like this kind of product for it abilities to protect riders

This is very nice, bicycle riding is still one of my best sporting activities

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