J5XTR Argo - Platform to extinguish fire, unmanned, ideal for firefighter

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J5XTR Argo

Platform to extinguish fire, unmanned, ideal for firefighter



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The J5XTR Argo, is a platform on 4 prayers, with propulsion of water at short and long distance.

It is the ideal companion for firefighters, since it arrives at unexpected places, it is an unmanned vehicle, which generates confidence and security when it comes to maneuvering with fire.

Its FireDog system allows it to be easily and conveniently controlled by remote control and great technology

An amphibious platform which allows greater reach




Hunter: @zeusfrank


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this is so awesome qnd a great tool to have an unmanned vhicle to go in and check things out , possibly saving firefighters lives in the process! Cool hunt @zeusfrank , I love it!🚒🚒🚒💕💁

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Sometimes the life of firemen is at risk. J5XTR Argo can be used on some riskier fire situation. Even on some sites that is difficult to reach.

Fire fighting is not an easy task but this will present an awesome solution for firefighters

It is a very useful invention because it is the real companion of firefighters because it can bring and provide water at the difficult places also. It can be controlled with remote control. It has man good features. Great hunt.

Wow a Great hunting a platform to extinguish fires, unmanned, ideal for firefighters, so as not to lose human life, every day the technology helps more to the human being


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I am surprised it is a toy ha very helpful and useful in fire fight wow amazing

Excellent hunt

Very new idea For fight with fire, cool design.

It's saves a lot

Simply super

During the defense, I took the training of fire extinguisher and used it for the fiery time but it is very cool and looking joss and easy to use with the remote control so undoubtedly it's a nice hunt.

no more risking lifes during firefighting, just send a bot, nice hunt