QBO PRO EVO - Robot with wheels and fully programmable for research

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Robot with wheels and fully programmable for research


picasion.com_52bbdd63a978ba6794af1cf806a895d4 (1).mp4

Hunter's comment

The Qbo Pro Evo uses state-of-the-art technology. It is ideal to encourage collaborative work while learning about robotics, sensors and programming.

Robot with wheels and fully programmable for research with stereoscopic vision, facial tracking, face recognition, speech recognition, music gesture player, SLAM, object tracking, object recognition, Wi-Fi connection, obstacle detection...




Hunter: @zeusfrank


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this looks like eva from the walle cartoon
nice hunt


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The aesthetic design is awesome. The magnitude of cool features combined seems unbelievable but then, this is technology.


  1. Fully featured.
  2. Wheel make it moveable.
  3. Easy features.
  4. Intresting to use.
  5. Stylish product robot.

It looks so cute! And all its recognition capabilities look very useful too. Thank you for sharing!


  • Smart useful robot
  • Fully programmable robot
  • Face and object tracking/recognition
  • Pre-programmed, remotely controlled autonomy


  • None

Its design is very cute. You can learn a lot about robotics and programing with it. You can enjoy every moment when you are busy with it. Good hunt

Robotic system is a beautiful product in the field. I like the design. It is a very sweet image and it is an advantage to have a choice of colors. Thanks.

Wao it is great innovation in the field of robotics it can perform lot of activities and also have great feature of recognition of different things.

Quit little thing. Great pros as well. Face recognition, speech recognition, object tracking. Impressive!


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Great hunt! A smart useful Robot having a Stunning design that fully programmable to track the face recognition, Thanks for sharing it and good luck with your hunt

A lot of a great technology: you present us in our robot robot is really very good to control and many things can be given to us and it is connected with wireless when it plays a lot in our daily life.

Beautifully designed robot and with such advance features it will come handy in many fields of life. Excellent Hunt